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  • parlor has gone dark.

  • But just a few days ago, the ad was working fine on my phone.

  • The Social Media network favored by US conservatives had been surging in popularity.

  • It was even charting as three US APP stores most popular free app after Twitter band president Donald Trump from its platform permanently.

  • I don't care about Twitter.

  • Twitter is bad news.

  • They're all bad news.

  • But since Saturday, this is all I've been able to see and new users can't downloaded at all.

  • It's been banned from Apple's APP store and Google and Amazon has stopped hosting its businesses, effectively taking the upstart social media service offline.

  • But what is parlor and why has it been taken off line?

  • Parlor's styles itself as a quote free, speech driven space.

  • It was founded in 2018 and has largely attracted US conservatives who disagree with content restrictions on added platforms like Twitter and Facebook.

  • Before Saturday, you would have seen a big red welcome sign reading, read news, Speak free, imposed from conservative thinkers and celebrities in January, Parlow said it has over 12 million registered users.

  • Trump himself doesn't have a verified parlor account, but his team Trump campaign does, as do Trump's allies, such as attorney Rudy Giuliani, the president's son, Eric Trump, and prominent Republicans, including Senator Ted Cruz.

  • In November, conservative activist Rebecca Mercer confirmed that her family, including her father and hedge fund investor Robert Mercer, have provided funding to Parlor.

  • So why has it been taken offline?

  • The site effectively went dark after amazon dot com suspended its Web hosting services.

  • Before that, suspensions by Apple and Google had already meant potential new users were unable to download the APP.

  • The tech giants say parlor wasn't doing enough to prevent posts inciting violence.

  • It all follows the unrest at the US Capitol by Trump supporters.

  • This information, researchers say far right groups at the riot maintain a vigorous online presence on alternative platforms, including Parlor.

  • The company's chief executive, John Mates, has said the company quote does not condone or accept violence on its platform.

  • Parlor is now suing Amazon for what it calls an illegal and politically motivated decision to shut it down.

parlor has gone dark.

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What is Parler and why has it been pulled offline?

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    林宜悉 posted on 2021/01/13
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