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  • Hey, guys. It's Bex here. Welcome to another video in my series "You Have Four Minutes

  • for Meditation." Today we're doing a meditation for the perfect body.

  • You've heard me right. The perfect body is just four minutes away. You can meditate your

  • way to having the body that you've always desired.

  • I want you to start by getting in a comfortable seat, so you can be in a chair, in a bed,

  • or on the floor like me. If you happen to be sitting on the floor, go ahead and put

  • one foot in front of the other, or in half lotus or full lotus position -- whatever works

  • for you. Next, you can place your hands downturned

  • on your thighs or knees, or upturned to receive the awesome energy around you. I want you

  • sitting up nice and tall, so you can inhale your shoulders up to your ears...and exhale

  • your shoulder blades down your back. This will have your shoulders stacked right

  • over your hips, your head pointed up towards the ceiling, and your chin parallel to the

  • floor. Now we're ready to begin. Go ahead and close

  • your eyes. This will remove all distractions from your sightline. Continue to follow your

  • breath, paying attention to every inhale and exhale. Short or long, shallow or deep, it's

  • all okay. Just pay attention to what your body's doing in this very moment.

  • Meditation not only helps with stress and worry. It can also help with weight loss and

  • physical progress. But first, before we get into all the weight loss stuff and all the

  • changing, I want to offer a mantra for you to repeat in your head or out loud, and then

  • also throughout the day. "Having the body I want starts with loving the body I have..."

  • "Having the body I want starts with loving the body I have..."

  • Imagine for a moment that you have a partner who you love deeply. You trust their word.

  • You trust their opinion of you. And every day, they tell you, "You're not good enough.

  • You'll never get there. You'll never have what you want. You'll never be what you desire."

  • That's what we do to ourselves, to our bodies. It's a way that we talk to our bodies, and

  • that's what prevents out bodies from reacting kindly to us. We tell our bodies they're not

  • good enough. They'll never take us where we want to go. They'll never look the way we

  • want them to look. How can we expect to be met with kindness when we treat our bodies

  • so unkindly? "Having the body I want starts with loving

  • the body I have. My legs are strong. They take me where I want to go. They allow me

  • to walk, and maybe even run." "My arms are strong. They help me to lift

  • things all day long. I can make them stronger if I practice and keep moving."

  • "I honor myself with healthy food that is good for my body."

  • "Having the body I want starts with loving the body I have."

  • Continue to inhale and exhale deeply, allowing sounds and thoughts in, and then back out

  • again, staying focused on your mantra: "Having the body I want starts with loving the body

  • I have." Go ahead and take one more big inhale and

  • exhale with me Release the breath fully, allowing all the

  • negativity, all those previous bad thoughts we thought about ourselves out, pushing it

  • out into the universe to disappear. Inhale. Open your eyes.

  • And that's it. We already have the perfect bodies. We already

  • have everything we need to achieve everything that we want. Maybe it doesn't look exactly

  • the way we want it to right now in this moment, but that's no reason not to love what we already

  • have. We are perfect on our way to even greater perfection, if that makes sense.

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  • I love you, guys, and I will see you again soon in another BexLife video.

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Hey, guys. It's Bex here. Welcome to another video in my series "You Have Four Minutes

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Meditation for the Perfect Body - How To Meditate for Beginners - You Have 4 Minutes - BEXLIFE

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