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  • Hey, guys. It's Bex here, and I am back with another video from my series "You Have Four

  • Minutes for Meditation." Today's video is dedicated to my mom and Tara Stiles, my yoga

  • teacher. It's all about getting out of your own way.

  • What does it mean to get in your own way? Well, it means that you're setting up road

  • blocks for yourself. It's not other people that are doing it. You're actually the one

  • that's messing up every single good situation. But, there's hope! There's light at the end

  • of the tunnel, because you can change it. You have that power.

  • First, I want you to start by getting in your easy seat. You can do this in bed. You can

  • do it in a chair or on a couch. I like to do it on the floor seated on a pillow to be

  • very comfortable. You can place one foot in front of the other, or you can sit in half

  • lotus position which is what I prefer. Or full lotus if you're there. Just get comfortable

  • wherever you are. Next, place your hands downturned on your

  • thighs, on your knees; or upturned to receive the beautiful energy that's coming in from

  • all around you. Get yourself sitting up nice and tall by breathing your shoulders up into

  • your ears...and then exhale your shoulder blades down your back. This will place your

  • shoulders right up over your hips. Your head should be reaching towards the sky and your

  • chin parallel to the floor. One more time for good measure.

  • Now we can begin. Close your eyes to remove all visual distractions.

  • Pay attention to your breath. Your breath as it is now represents the moment in which

  • we are living. It may be short and quick. It may be a little labored. Maybe you're feeling

  • a little stressed out. Maybe you're at ease and it's long and deep and feeling wonderful.

  • That's amazing. But wherever it is, don't try to change it.

  • Don't do anything that will affect it. Just pay attention to it. I think that you'll find

  • once you start paying attention to your breath, as with anything, it will change on its own.

  • Let's talk briefly about what it means to get in your own way. Usually that means that

  • we are placing some kind of judgment on a situation or an action. Maybe it's ourselves.

  • Maybe it's someone else. I want you to just accept for a moment that maybe that judgment

  • might be holding you back, and when you release that judgment, you're able to move forward.

  • And most times, judgments come innocently as little opinions. Think of all the opinion

  • words you use in a day to describe situations that you're not so pleased with: stressful,

  • overwhelmed, difficult, hard, impossible. These are all opinions.

  • So what I would like to offer you today is a mantra that you can say aloud with your

  • breath, allowing your inhales and exhales to follow the words; or silently in your head

  • internalizing it, sending it straight to your heart space so that you really believe it

  • and seal it in. Pick any words you like. Today I'm just going

  • to offer three. Inhale... "Overwhelmed...difficult...stressful are only

  • opinions. When I change my mind, I change my circumstances."

  • Inhale... "Overwhelmed...stressful...difficult...painful

  • are only opinions. When I change my mind, I change my circumstances."

  • Continue to repeat these words or words of your own. With every inhale, you bring in

  • all the positive energy around you and you exhale and get rid of all of those opinions.

  • Release judgment. Release worry. Allow yourself to move freely and forward. Allow yourself

  • to get out of your own way. One last time. Take a deep inhale with me,

  • filling up your belly with all that wonderful energy...and exhale, releasing every bit of

  • doubt, worry, or judgment that you have inside. Inhale to open your eyes. Ahhhh...

  • That was awesome! You have changed your mind just like that in four short minutes. I guarantee

  • that if you continue that practice, you will change everything around you, including your

  • environment and other people that you're dealing with throughout your day.

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Hey, guys. It's Bex here, and I am back with another video from my series "You Have Four

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