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  • BILL: Hi everyone, welcome to another episode of Dino News,

  • where it's all Cretacia, all the time!

  • ROCKY: And boy, do we have some news for you!

  • Today, Hegan gave us a ride over to Mount Oblivion,

  • because it was acting like a real hot-head.

  • TINY: I wonder who made it mad.

  • MAZU: That's not the way volcanoes work, Tiny.

  • A volcano is basically just a hole in the ground.

  • BILL: Sorry, Mazu,

  • but does Mount Oblivion look like a hole to you?

  • MAZU: Here, let me explain.

  • There's all this hot liquid under the Earth called magma.

  • When too much magma builds up

  • it shoots out through ruptures in the ground.

  • The hot rocks and liquid that come out are called lava.

  • When the lava cools,

  • it builds up on the sides of the hole,

  • and eventually forms a volcano.

  • ROCKY: Wow, cool!

  • TINY: No, hot!

  • BILL: As we flew by,

  • it sure seemed like Mount Oblivion

  • was under a lot of pressure.

  • ROCKY: I told Hegan to drop me off

  • so I could get a better look.

  • TINY: Of course we couldn't let Rocky go alone.

  • MAZU: It wasn't safe!

  • ROCKY: What are the chances

  • that just at that moment Mount Oblivion was gonna...

  • ALL: Erupt!

  • BILL: We had to get outta there, fast!

  • (Screaming)

  • (Screaming)

  • BILL: I didn't mean this fast!

  • ROCKY: Adventure! Ah, ha-ha!

  • (Screaming)

  • MAZU: This is during the Cretaceous period

  • when scientists think that volcanoes were pretty active!

  • TINY: Which keeps us pretty active!

  • MAZU: Fortunately, not all volcanoes are active.

  • Some are dormant,

  • which means they haven't erupted in a long time,

  • but could erupt again.

  • And then there are extinct volcanoes.

  • They're the ones that are done erupting.

  • BILL: Why can't we live next door

  • to one of those extinct ones?

  • MAZU: We knew that the lava would cool eventually...

  • ROCKY: But luckily Hegan came to save us before that!

  • BILL: 'Cause who wants to wait on a rock until "eventually"?

  • MAZU: The good news is that volcanic eruptions

  • provide rich nutrients to the soil.

  • Cretacia will bounce back!

  • TINY: And have beautiful plants and flowers once more!

  • ROCKY: There you have it, folks.

  • Big news coming your way from Mount Oblivion today!

  • BILL: Let's hope tomorrow's news is a little less explosive!

  • (All laughing)

BILL: Hi everyone, welcome to another episode of Dino News,

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