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  • Randy Lamar's heard all about this.

  • You can't win a playoff game.

  • He knows all about the narrative.

  • What do you think he needs to do, particularly tomorrow, to get over the hump?

  • But I don't really think it's just Lamar Jackson.

  • I think it's the offensive coordinator Greg Roman, to really understand that this is a team effort, that it's 11 guys on that field.

  • I think in the past, with them being ableto have a guy like Lamar Jackson, they have relied too much on the Mark Jackson in their running game.

  • But when you have a rookie like Dobbins, you've got guts.

  • The bus, you have the Mark Andrews and then you have a guy like Dez Bryant is showing up in the end zone every now and then.

  • So I think collectively it is a team over there and I do not want them to forget about the 10 other guys that they have on their team going with Lamar Jackson.

  • I think that's something that I see happening is people are discounting Lamar Jackson.

  • I think partly because he's such a great runner and partly because they started out, you know he didn't have the M V P type numbers early in the year.

  • But in the last five weeks, Lamar Jackson the passer, has been incredible.

  • His completion percentage is better than Drew Brees.

  • Better than Russell Wilson.

  • Better than Patrick Mahomes.

  • He's got the best Q B R in the entire NFL in the last five weeks.

  • This guy is hot.

  • He's hot as a runner, obviously, but is a passer.

  • We don't give him enough credit.

  • And what do we say all the time?

  • It's all about the team that gets hot at the right time, the Baltimore Ravens or a team you do not want to play.

  • Right now, their quarterback is playing great as a passer and obviously, as quickly Excuse me, Brew.

  • Do you remember what Lamar Jackson said a couple of weeks ago, how they was taking each regular season game?

  • They said, This is our playoff.

  • They wanted to get in the playoffs.

  • So you're speaking about Lamar Jackson being probably the hottest play in the National Football League right now, Matt, I agree with you.

  • Sorry, brew.

  • That's right.

  • Sometimes the team you play overrides any situation E playoff game, preseason game, no matter when it is the team you play, and that's what I'm starting to see with these two teams.

  • And it's where the Ravens should be.

  • I'm just is the way the Ravens should see the Tennessee Titans because the Tennessee Titans have absolutely stolen their soul.

  • In my opinion, the who the Ravens pride themselves on where the bullies on the block we do this?

  • Well, no, you're not.

  • The Ravens play it better.

  • They pound it down your throat.

  • They run the fake punts.

  • They do all that stuff.

  • So playoff game.

  • Lamar shouldn't even be thinking about that.

  • It's about establishing who you are to the entire league.

  • Know where the toughest team, that's what they have to do with.

  • Yeah, and history tells me Baltimore is not gonna be bullied three times in a row.

  • You think we're gonna see you know what we're gonna see talking about E.

  • These are interesting on the pregame show tomorrow.

  • I do want to know something.

  • Both of these teams priding themselves on toughness.

  • Teddy, Who's the tougher between them?

  • The answer is obvious right now.

  • Who the tougher team is all right, and it's a Tennessee Titans based on I tell you.

  • Based on what?

  • Based on the last two games that they played?

  • Absolutely.

  • I will give you that.

  • They were clearly the more physical team the last two times they played week.

  • I'm calling you out, Don Martin.

  • You've gotta have my back, buddy.

  • Let's go.

  • This defense is gonna be there.

  • And, Matthew, your point about Lamar Jackson.

  • The less he throws, the more efficient he is.

  • Get that ground game going on your own.

  • Harp's Let's let's just make these guys by you.

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Randy Lamar's heard all about this.

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What does Lamar Jackson need to do to win his first playoff game? | NFL Countdown

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