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  • two heavyweights at the quarterback position.

  • Which quarterback do you think is gonna have?

  • The bigger impact, though?

  • I think it's gonna be Mac Jones from Alabama, and he's simply been at the helm of arguably what's been the greatest offense we've ever seen in college football.

  • Mac Jones has played at such a high level consistently, week in week out throughout this entire season.

  • A guy that's completing 77% of his throws.

  • He's thrown 36 touchdowns versus only four interceptions.

  • And he does a lot of things that you look at, jumps out on your film with arm strength, accuracy and touch.

  • But to me, it's some of the finer points that sometimes sometimes they're difficult to coach his anticipation and getting the ball out before his receivers turnaround.

  • Isas good as I've seen in college football in a very, very long time, he's going up against the Ohio State secondary that's been average at best.

  • Ohio State does have a good pass rush up front.

  • Mac Jones.

  • I think he's gonna have to play a very high level tonight toe win.

  • Well, you know what, but I'd say the same about Justin Fields as well he doesn't have 1000 yard receiving this year.

  • Obviously, Alabama does not have that problem with Devante Smith, who is an absolute stud, and Lord help them.

  • If Jaylen Waddle comes back tonight, we don't know after that ankle injury in Week eight, but I wanted the name Patrick's Attan jumps to my mind because we mentioned so much about Jones about Najee Harris about Devante Smith.

  • We don't mention what this dude does defensively for Alabama.

  • You put him on an island.

  • The dude hasn't given up much that hasn't committed one penalty at the cornerback spot this entire season thus far.

  • I mean, when I look at him and the way he is a clear shut down corner, how much of an effect do you think that's gonna have on what Ohio State does tonight?

  • Particularly in the case of Justin Fields?

  • Hello, tons.

  • Because Patrick's retains a guy that essentially just eliminates one side of the field.

  • He is the best cornerback in college football, Period has great size, he has length and speed, and he can eliminate wide receivers.

  • Now, keep in mind, there are gonna be times where he matches up with Chris alive from Ohio State tonight, in my mind, one of the best deep threats in all of college football.

  • So that matchup number two for Ohio State against number two for Alabama.

  • That's going to be key to watch because Justin Fields likes to take shots.

  • I don't think Justin Fields is afraid of anybody.

  • I don't expect him to be afraid of certain tonight.

  • But when you see that match up to versus to that to me is the best match up on the field tonight.

  • I'm not so worried about the Ohio State offense.

  • What about the defense?

  • Stephen A mentioned it.

  • You think Waddle is gonna come back?

  • And if he does, what does that mean for Alabama's offense?

  • Well, it's huge Alabama in terms of what they already have, and Devante Smith and John Mitchie and Billingsley's this 64 £230 tight end that's now running like a receiver, and you've seen his skill set and and and kind of his role go up.

  • Jaylen Waddle is one of the most explosive players in college football when he's healthy, period.

  • All right, you know the adage in football speed kills.

  • This is a 437 40 guy that can catch bubble screens and go deep on double moves and take it to the house every single time he touches the ball.

  • Steve Sarkisian's shown us they could move number 17 around.

  • You'll see him in the slot.

  • You'll see him outside the motion into the backfield and give them handoffs.

  • So if 17 plays, that's a major problem for Ohio State.

  • But I still think Jalen Waddle, even if he's not 100% guys, could have a big impact in this game.

  • If I was Steve Sarkeesian, I would just use him as a decoy and try to get the defense's attention away from a Najee Harris or away from a Devante Smith.

  • I think if 17 dresses up in place tonight, he has an impact.

  • Regardless, let me put you on the spot here, Jesse, about the you know, the Ohio State Buckeyes.

  • Does Alabama even need Jaylen Waddle to beat them?

  • Yeah, they dio, they dio.

  • I get really nervous about Ohio State's mentality when they're in underdog and they feel disrespected.

  • They have the ability, it seems toe always circle the wagons and go prove the world wrong and We saw that against Clemson in the semifinal game.

  • Nobody gave them a chance.

  • Dabble.

  • Sweeney had them ranked 11 in his poll.

  • A lot of people said, Well, if you only play six games, you shouldn't even get into the playoff.

  • They wanted revenge based on what happened in the previous semifinal back in 2000 and 19, and they came out and they played their most complete game.

  • Justin Fields got injured, wasn't 100%.

  • That was the best I've ever seen.

  • Justin Fields throw the ball.

  • They're 8.5 point dogs tonight.

  • Everybody is saying Alabama's um, or complete team.

  • Ryan Day has said this before.

  • If there's one game to play, I like the Buckeyes because of the talent, and he gets his team to play angry when they feel disrespected.

  • So Alabama needs to watch out.

  • Ohio State can win this game tonight.

  • Jesse, What's your prediction on the game?

  • I'm gonna go Alabama.

  • I'm expecting a lot of points, max, but at the end of the day, I think the way Mac Jones has played, and just this offense in general there so explosive they can score points in such a wide variety of ways.

  • We talked about the struggles Ohio State has had back in the secondary defensively, and just the fact that Justin Fields is not 100%.

  • I expect him to play well.

  • But I do think Alabama's defense is going to get that one extra crucial stop.

  • I just think this is to complete of a team to talented too much first round NFL talent on both sides of the ball.

  • So it doesn't play in a high scoring game.

  • But even if he doesn't play, you don't like him to win.

  • Got you?

  • No, no.

  • If y yeah, waddle doesn't play, I still I'm still going time.

two heavyweights at the quarterback position.

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First Take previews Alabama vs. Ohio State in the College Football Playoff National Championship

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