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  • This is everyday grammar.

  • I'm Alice Bryant.

  • At the start of each New year, many people ask about the resolutions of their families and friends.

  • One way to do this is by asking, Ah, yes or no question like this.

  • Do you have any New Year's resolutions?

  • Another way is to use an open ended question like this.

  • What are your New Year's resolutions?

  • And there are a few ways to answer such questions.

  • Sometimes the answers can involve a phrase Alvar verb.

  • For instance, we can use the verb take up to say that we will start a new hobby like this.

  • Yes, I dio.

  • I plan to take up kickboxing.

  • Another phrase.

  • All verb we can use is give up.

  • We can use this verb to talk about ending bad habits or changing of behavior like this.

  • I am giving up sugar for the whole month of January.

  • Still, in many situations, we do not need phrase all verbs to talk about resolutions.

  • Other ways to answer include the use of an infinitive verb or a Charente.

  • Listen to this speaker.

  • Use an infinitive verb.

  • My New Year's resolution is to call my parents every week.

  • The infinitive verb here is to call.

  • You can also use a Jarron like this.

  • My New Year's resolution is calling my parents every week.

  • The Jaren here is calling.

  • Tell us about your New Year's resolutions in the comments, and that's everyday grammar.

This is everyday grammar.

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Everyday Grammar: Grammar for the New Year

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