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  • So how did these calls actually work To make the call?

  • A phone isn't actually being used.

  • A computer is robocalls are made using what's called voice over Internet Protocol or VoIP.

  • For short.

  • It's the same technology used in popular APS like FaceTime and Skype.

  • And it's important because no international phone bill means robocalls are incredibly cheap and easy to make.

  • And while the computer generates a random number to call, it's also generating a false number to show up on your caller I d.

  • Disguising its identity.

  • Ah, process called spoofing.

  • And with neighbor spoofing the number on your caller, I D is meant to look almost identical to yours to increase the likelihood that you pick up.

  • But if you call that number back, your local pizza shop might answer instead because these computers are often spoofing with riel phone numbers.

  • Now, according to the FCC, your best bet is to not answer calls from unknown numbers in the first place.

  • Since answering a robocall lets the computer No, you might engage in that case, get ready for even more robo calls.

  • Now that you're on the hot list, you'll also be prompted to connect with an actual person who will either try to sell you a product or worse yet, trick you into a scam to inform you that the I.

  • R s is filing lawsuit against you Now in the United States, the majority of these calls are illegal under the Telephone Consumer Protection Act.

  • But because robo calls can originate from anywhere in the world, it's extremely difficult to enforce the law, though heavy fines have been slapped on robo callers in the past.

  • In the meantime, phone companies are working on systems that more effectively identify and block illegal robocalls.

  • But for now, robo callers will likely keep on calling you.

So how did these calls actually work To make the call?

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What Are Robocalls?

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