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  • It was find everybody involved.

  • Find them now.

  • We knew there was an individual that

  • was responsible for all the logistical movement

  • of marijuana and then cocaine, but we weren't sure who he was.

  • So we raided house, after house, after house.

  • One name pops up, and he continued to pop up--

  • Chapo Guzmán.

  • People called him Chapo, which is a shorty.

  • He was a five-foot-six guy who started out as a little

  • kid selling oranges on the side of the road, down in Sinaloa.

  • At that time, he was well down the ranks

  • of the Sinaloa cartel.

  • He was a border rat.

  • He knew virtually every corner of the border--

  • where was the most highly-patrolled area, where

  • were desolate areas, where was the most valuable part of it

  • in terms of cocaine trafficking.

  • Cartel bosses recognized that he was extremely smart.

  • He was years ahead of anybody else

  • that ever came into the drug-smuggling scene.

  • The flip side to that is he was also

  • a ruthless, cold, calculated killer.

  • 30 guys were used to dig this tunnel, night

  • and day, for months and months.

  • They kept them locked up in a house.

  • And the cartel wanted to keep it secret so bad,

  • and they were worried somebody would talk about it,

  • so they executed them all and dumped them into a well.

  • So basically, all the tunnel diggers dug

  • their own grave for the cartel.

  • It was a gold mine for them.

  • A kilo of cocaine, back in those days, about $24,000 a kilo.

  • This tunnel probably would have ran,

  • who knows, one truck a day, two trucks a day, three maybe.

  • Chapo went from the little guy over here

  • in Douglas, to captain in the cartel.

  • He was such a rising star.

  • Chapo was nicknamed by the Colombians

  • as [speaking spanish] because he was

  • so fast in moving the cocaine.

  • He didn't share his methods of transportation,

  • but he was a genius and troublemaker.

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The Origin of El Chapo | Narco Wars

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