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  • a season that is going to be for gotten the Shawn Watson, the quarterback of the Houston Texans.

  • The reason that I have told you that the Texans are actually the best coaching vacancy, despite all of the things they don't have, despite all the money they don't have and this draft picks they don't have.

  • They are the best coaching vacancy because they have him and he is that special.

  • Shawn Watson just completed the greatest season that will be for gotten maybe ever.

  • Shawn Watson accounted for 88% of his team's offense this year.

  • 88% of the yards the Houston Texans gained on offense this year were accounted for by D Shawn Watson.

  • That is the most for any quarterback on any team in NFL history.

  • That is not the point.

  • You're wondering yourself just how good was this season.

  • Shawn Watson completed 70% of his passes on nearly nine yards per attempt.

  • I will now read you the comprehensive list off all the other quarterbacks who have ever done that in a season in NFL history.

  • Joe Montana in 1989 and I'm now done, That's it, Onley Joe Montana in 1989.

  • Ah year, in which the 40 Niners went 14 and two and won the Super Bowl, ever completed 70% of his passes, a nine yards per attempt.

  • That team went 14 and to Houston just went four and 12.

  • It's impossible to imagine that they were as bad as they were, considering how good he is, but he is that good.

  • So this is not to in any way question how good Justin Herbert is.

  • Maybe he's going to be that level of good.

  • It's not the question how good Trevor Lawrence is going to be.

  • Maybe he's going to be that level of good.

  • So maybe Jacksonville will become that attractive oven opening, maybe the Chargers or that attractive oven opening.

  • And I get that.

  • Both places have cap space and draft picks that the Texans don't have.

  • But if it's me and so long as ownership looks me in the eye and says I'm not firing you after one season, no matter what happens and I'm gonna get my one shot to be an NFL head coach, which no one has ever guaranteed a second I'm hitching my wagon to that horse.

  • I'm attaching myself to do Sean, because when Davos Sweeney said, This guy's Michael Jordan and we all kind of scoffed at it.

  • We weren't he wasn't wrong.

  • And I'm here to tell you right now that if you're starting an NFL team with any young quarterback in the sport, take Aaron Rodgers and Tom Brady and guys like that.

  • Out of the question, If you're starting a quarterback with a team with any young quarterback in the sport right now, it would go, in my opinion.

  • Patrick Mahomes one.

  • The Shawn Watson won A.

  • I don't even think he's that biggest step down.

  • Josh Allen is probably third.

  • I didn't think it through beyond that.

  • But I believe that what Watson has accomplished in overcoming what could only be described and is now evident for everyone to see as the total organizational dysfunction and failure of his franchise and have had the success he's had and had that team in the playoffs.

  • Basically, every year he's been healthy until this one makes you wonder what might be Shawn Watson have been.

  • If Andy Reid had drafted him and he was working in that organization and he was throwing it to Tyreek Hill and Travis Kelsey and the endless cavalcade of other superstars that that team has with the great coaching that Andy Reid, the ultimate quarterback guru, has given an Eric P enemy who is going to parlay his great offensive coaching into a head coaching job at some point, probably in the next day or two.

  • So to me, I don't know just how far away from being as good as any quarterback in the sport to Shawn Watson actually is.

  • And if I have my choice, I'm coaching that guy.

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a season that is going to be for gotten the Shawn Watson, the quarterback of the Houston Texans.

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Deshaun Watson makes the Texans the most attractive coaching vacancy | #Greeny

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