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Pu~ hahaha~ oh~
Julian~ you gotta see this
Hey! Four o'clock!
Wow! What are you doing?
I wanted to show you a video...
Why didn't you just textit to me?
We're sitting in the same room...
But you are not sitting…you're doing the opposite of sitting…I don't even remember what you call this
stand…ing standing!
No…that's not it! Jogging! uh…eh..
I'm standing up!
It's 21 century. When are you gonna learn to sit down?
Hey! Is anyone else's WiFi not working?
It's true! I'm down too!
I feel so alone… no instagram… no snapchat...
You Okay man? You don't look so good...
I'm on edge man! Do you know what it feels like to be on edge?
What are we gonna do?
I don't know...
Hey guys!
Joe? Joe?
Beautiful day, isn't it?
Joe, what are you doing outside?
Well… the Internet is not working so I changed my whole outlook on life… I haven't seen sunlight since I got dial-up in 96...
What is it like? Joe
Tell us!
It's really great you guys! I highly recommend it ~
Don't listen to him, Chester! It isn't safe out there
I'm gonna do it! I'm gonna go outside!
Would you listen to yourself?
I am! Julian
For the first time in my life!
It can't be… you jog… you jog
Yes! Julian! I'm jogging! I haven't done this since I signed up for hotmail...
You had hotmail?
You guys! The Internet is fixed!
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82322 Folder Collection
whitney published on March 3, 2015    whitney translated
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