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  • Julian, you gotta see this.

  • Hey! Four o'clock!

  • Woah! What are you doing?

  • I wanted to show you a video.

  • Why didn't you just text it to me?

  • We're sitting in the same room...

  • But you are not sitting, you're doing the opposite of sitting, I don't even remember what you call this.

  • Stand ... ing, standing.

  • No, that's not it! Jogging! Uh...

  • I'm standing up!

  • Shane, it's 21st century. When are you gonna learn to sit down?

  • Phew...

  • Hey! Is anyone else's Wi-Fi not working?

  • What?

  • It's true! I'm down too!

  • I feel so alone ... no Instagram, no Snapchat.

  • You okay man? You don't look too good.

  • I'm on edge man! Do you know what it feels like to be on edge?

  • What are we gonna do?

  • I don't know.

  • Hey, guys!

  • Joe? Joe?

  • Beautiful day, isn't it?

  • Joe, what are you doing outside?

  • Well, my Internet is not working so I changed my whole outlook on life. I haven't seen sunlight since I got dial-up in '96.

  • What it's like, Joe?

  • Tell us!

  • It's really great, you guys! I highly recommend it.

  • Don't listen to him, Chester! It isn't safe out there.

  • I'm gonna do it! I'm gonna go outside!

  • Would you listen to yourself?

  • I am! Julian.

  • For the first time in my life!

  • It can't be ... you're jo're jo ...

  • Yes! Julian! I'm jogging! I haven't done this since I signed up for Hotmail.

  • You had Hotmail?

  • No.

  • Hey, guys! The Internet is fixed!

Julian, you gotta see this.

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    whitney posted on 2020/11/26
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