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  • COVID-19: Israel Has Insane Vaccination Rate But Excludes Palestinians

  • In the COVID-19 vaccination campaign, Israel is setting an example

  • The Israeli government is showing the world how fast vaccination should be

  • Within two weeks, the government successfully vaccinated over one-tenth of its population

  • Israel may be the first nation to get out of the pandemic

  • However, something odd is happening in Israel

  • The world is currently facing an uneven distribution of COVID-19 vaccines

  • Richer nations have greater access due to resources, leaving poorer countries at the mercy of the coronavirus

  • They need to wait longer until manufacturers can handle the demand

  • In Israel, the same issue occurs between Jews and Palestinians

  • When the government received the doses from Pfizer and BioNTech, Israel brought them inside the West Bank

  • There, the doses were distributed to Jewish settlers only

  • About 2.7 million Palestinians living around them are unvaccinated

  • They would have to wait weeks or months before getting the first dose of the two-dose regimen

  • According to The Guardian, Israel's vaccination rate is impressive

  • The nation could administer 150,000 doses each day

  • That would be equal to more than 1 million recipients of the first dose, out of 9 million people living in the country

  • On top of that, the government shouldered the cost of the Pfizer vaccine

  • Israel paid $62 per jab, higher than the $19.50 the US pays

  • The mass COVID-19 vaccination became possible with Israel's setup

  • Central squares and sports stadiums are the spots for priority population groups, such as healthcare workers and older adults

  • Low-risk population groups can get their shots in clinics

  • Palestinian Authority, on the other hand, is rushing to get COVID-19 vaccines

  • Even though it lacks the budget, deals were made and secured supplies

  • The first shipment might arrive in February

  • The WHO pledged to help poorer nations get COVID-19 vaccines

  • The organization promised to inoculate 20% of Palestinians, but there is a problem

  • WHO-led initiative COVAX cannot distribute doses until the WHO gives emergency use authorization

  • No vaccine yet in COVAX has been given this authority

  • WHO Jerusalem's head of office Gerald Rockenschaub said that vaccines from COVAX may arrive in Palestinian territories early to mid of 2021

  • While the Palestinian Authority has not formally requested support from the Israeli government

  • Yet Israeli officials consider giving surplus vaccines to Palestinians

  • For now, Israel is getting closer to some normalcy with its vaccination rate

COVID-19: Israel Has Insane Vaccination Rate But Excludes Palestinians

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COVID-19: Israel Has Insane Vaccination Rate But Excludes Palestinians

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    Amy.Lin posted on 2021/01/06
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