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  • brokers.

  • Since you're the challengers, you got to pick first category.

  • Um, the one about Hungarians.

  • Nobody knows anything about Hungarians.

  • Well, I don't know.

  • Can't we like the geography of the brain?

  • Question is, what are the pyramidal tracts?

  • Five seconds.

  • Can I believe the pure middle tracks are a housing development outside of Cairo?

  • So bad E.

  • Kroger's quickly.

  • You are the champions.

  • If you get the correct answer, can't the pyramid Deol tracks are complex of multi synaptic lower motor neurons which interconnect the basal ganglia with the ridiculous formation.

  • I'm sorry.

  • You said lower motor neurons.

  • The correct answer, of course, is upper motor neuron.

  • Upper upper.

  • Well, nobody wins.

  • Still it still in it.

  • Brokers select another category Early Hungarian Cabinet making American explorers American explorers Chris Walz in 18 04 An expedition explored an area from the Louisiana territory to the Pacific Coast for the grand prize.

  • What?

  • Lieutenant?

  • Lead that expedition.

  • I give up way.

  • Five seconds.

  • Yeah.

  • Time's up, Griswald.

  • Do you have an answer, Clark?

  • That's it.

  • Clark of Lewis and Clark and the Grizz walls are our grand by.

  • That was a mistake.

  • She doesn't know that.

  • Come on, Ah!

  • Ah, Chris Walls have just won a fabulous European vacation.

  • Oh, yeah, that's right.

  • We'll fly the whole family to London, England, where you'll start off on a two week vacation extravaganza you'll never forget.

  • Yeah.


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