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  • mhm.

  • Yeah, Mhm with the company.

  • Yeah.

  • Yeah.

  • For all these years, I've been like a wife.

  • I've been a mother, I've been a daughter in law.

  • I've been a good housekeeper.

  • And this was after getting a degree in law and practicing for many years, giving it up to raise my Children.

  • But after cooking it, Waas like this is who Shalini is.

  • And it's now like Shalini the cook Shalini who kicks up a good storm at the dining table.

  • Okay, Just what?

  • So just second So we don't get enough chocolate cake or pumpkin cake?

  • Don't know yet again.

  • Okay, When the lock down happened, that's when I dusted all my recipe books and started spending time with them on while I spending time with them.

  • I was cooking a lot for the family and the family started enjoying the food so much, and my husband came up with the idea that why don't you share your joy with other people around you?

  • I've always had a dream off, like opening a cafe in the hills and the lock down taught me that it's no use waiting for something toe happen.

  • If you wanted toe happen, go ahead, jumping on.

  • I made a very small little menu, sent it out to friends.

  • And the response was really create.

  • That's how it started.

  • And that would has grown a lot.

  • My name is Ben Ali Hodja on I've been working as a graphic that I know this pandemic had taken a u turn for many.

  • Not just me.

  • I was not paid during the log down.

  • So if I didn't had this lock down, probably I wouldn't have taken out that chef inside me and gone forward with this venture.

  • Probably I would have never thought about it.

  • Okay, so she wants to order her first wedding, and it was so it's a family.

  • Oh, so she is one of the regular clients sister thing.

  • This is how it expands.

  • I know you grow so very happy.

  • Homemakers have actually turned into home chefs e think their own families.

  • They're looking at them with different eyes and definitely giving them more respect and realizing that she can do so much more.

  • And also the fact that she has been doing a lot.

  • Mm hmm.

  • No articulation.

  • Spice to you.

  • Uh huh.

  • Todo When food is cooked, it has that warmth off a home cooked meal on.

  • They have amended that gap off.

  • Going to the restaurant e change is happening.

  • It's all about taking the small little step homemakers coming out of the shells, and once you do it, there is no end to it.


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The mums who became pandemic chefs - BBC News

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