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  • Alright, guys, I want to get to a couple of players who are familiar with making highlight reels.

  • Bradley Beal, Russell Westbrook.

  • Both players have experienced success individually.

  • Bill, ranking third and scoring 32 points a game so far this season.

  • Westbrook Logic triple double in all three of his games.

  • But that has not translated into winning yet as the Wizard's spell toe.

  • Oh, and four.

  • Last night, following the home loss to the Bulls, Russell Westbrook posted this on Instagram with the caption quoting Martin Luther King Jr quote.

  • The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy.

  • So perk.

  • I know you were high on the Wizards entering this season.

  • You said they're making the playoffs.

  • What is wrong with the way they're getting off to the start?

  • Well, I'll tell you what is nothing to do with them offensively right now.

  • The Washington Wizards can't go on senior citizens at a nursing home at recess.

  • They are just horrible on the defensive end, and it starts.

  • It starts with Russ and Bradley.

  • Build the two captains, the two franchise guys.

  • They have to set the tone because right now teams air, getting whatever they want on the Washington Wizards on the offensively.

  • So defensively, they have to step, step it up.

  • They have enough offensive power to score points.

  • They're going to do that.

  • But they gotta start playing some defense and hanging their hats on the defensive end and me knowing Scotty Brooks, he is not pleased right now.

  • He's gonna drill them in film and they're gonna pick it up.

  • I'm not gonna panic.

  • They're gonna pick it up on the defense event.

  • And by the way, they're going to get really hot tomorrow back with, which would be huge for them.

  • And they'll be okay.

  • Yeah, I know that their defense has got to improve.

  • But the other thing is Westbrook and he has good overall numbers.

  • But his offensive efficiency has plummeted, his shooting his way down from where it has been his averaging eight less points again than he did last year in Houston.

  • He's taking so many mid range shots, the spacing is off.

  • He is not getting to the foul line.

  • He's getting the following three year and a half times less than he did last season.

  • Um, Scott Brooks has been looking at different lineup changes.

  • They're not getting efficient production out of Russell Westbrook, and that has got to be something you have, especially if you don't have a very good defense.

  • And he did.

  • Scott Brooks did change the starting line up in the second half last night, and he he put Davis.

  • Bhutan's out there with Westbrook trying to get Mawr spacing, but it's not working.

  • Westbrook has got to be more on the attack, and they've got to help him do that.

  • And I'll tell you what.

  • If Scotty Brooks doesn't get that aligned and fixed, we're going to start hearing rumblings because this team is under pressure toe win immediately with the Westbrook Trade and Bradley Bills contract situation.

  • That's what I was gonna ask, and I hate asking this question.

  • Everyone around the league is so font of Scotty Brooks.

  • But how hot is that seat, given that Washington is a franchise has made it clear they want Bradley Beal there for the duration, but Bradley's made it clear he does eventually need to start winning.

  • Well, Ted Leonsis has never been a guy who's got a hair trigger finger.

  • He's always supported his coaches and general managers, maybe even to a fault, both with the Capitals and with the Wizards.

  • It's not something he likes to do, but Scotty Brooks is on the last year of his contract, and that's well known.

  • And the competition for the eighth seed is gonna be very tight in the East.

  • I mean, one of the teams I expect them to have to deal with for that.

  • Eighth seed is Orlando and Orlando.

  • One weekend of the season has a four game lead on them already.

  • And so that's just a reality of this season, and we're gonna wait and watch.

  • But Scott Brooks is under some pressure.

  • Forget about his job.

  • He's under some pressure to make some lineup changes in the short term here to turn this around.

  • Well, I think you know Scotty will make the adjustments, and I agree he is under pressure to win games.

  • But you have to realize that guys have to get a customer plan with one another.

  • Russ didn't really play in the preseason.

  • Bradley Bill didn't play that much in the preseason, so they have the guys were starting to come back in batons, didn't play in the preseason and not really hot.

  • Tomorrow is just coming back.

  • So once they get the feel of playing with each other, and that's why I wanna go back to your point.

  • Brian, when you were saying about Rush being not not being efficient when you watch the Wizards game, it seems like he's trying to get everyone involved and trying to show the world that he is the ultimate team guy instead of being aggressive.

  • It's times that I was yelling at the TV saying Attack, attack, attack!

  • But he was trying to be so unselfish and get everyone going instead of just playing being Russell Westbrook.

  • And that's playing downhill, playing with a high motor and being aggressive and putting pressure on other teams defense.

  • I'm trying to picture perk in his living room yelling Attack, attack, attack at the TV and I'd be scared if I would go out and buy on the street.

Alright, guys, I want to get to a couple of players who are familiar with making highlight reels.

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