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  • you are a single person.

  • I'm guessing you're using the dating APs as all single young people are these days.

  • I'm told I go on every now and then and then my wife gets mad.

  • So, um, do you Because you are a suspicious person and your whole life is about scams.

  • You must have, ah, heightened suspicion and sense of mistrust.

  • When you're on a dating app, you must.

  • You know, I actually like dating app.

  • I feel bad for men on dating APS because if you're under like, you don't have this problem, Conan, because you're so tall.

  • But like if you're under 59 you get swiped left on so much on dating app.

  • When in reality, if you met a man who was under 59 in real life and you liked his vibes and you liked him, you would not discriminate against his height.

  • And I like to tell everybody that there's no such thing as 59 No one has ever been 59 No woman or man.

  • It's the whole scam of a height.

  • You don't think you don't think there's anybody on Earth who's 59?

  • No, there's not there.

  • Never has been.

  • We've been lied, Thio.

  • That's the height that Onley exists on dating APS.

  • Yes, it is an imagination.

  • It is not really, But I'm side one.

  • So I could get, you know, pretty much any height being so close to the ground and always finding change.

  • Okay, Now I have met you in person, and you are a You are a smaller, petite person at 51 and I'm curious.

  • Was that something you worried about when you were younger?

  • And you make peace with that right away?

  • I've always loved being short, and I was hoping that I would be short enough that I could get the government benefits.

  • But by the time I was 18, unfortunately, I grew a little too tall, so that was disappointing for me.

  • Um, you're a government benefits if you're under a certain height.

  • Is that right?

  • Yes, there are eso, you know, and and obviously it's not right to scam, you know, disabilities, communities and things like that.

  • But I thought I was legitimately going to be a part of it on.

  • I was bummed when I wasn't.

  • So you got upset that you grew okay?

  • Yes.

  • Okay.

  • So describe how you find dating APS.

  • How do you find them?

  • You know, what is your process for finding a good dating app?

  • I will.

  • You know, when I'm looking for love, I'm looking for you know, somebody who will cook dinner.

  • You know, get my dry cleaning may be organized.

  • My receipts, Uh, you know, every week.

  • And, um And as I started to same or I was like, Oh, I think I'm looking for an assistant, not a boyfriend, E.

  • But I am trying to scam a man into being my assistant.

  • Uh, okay, So that's basically we want you want.

  • Maybe there's two ways to go about it.

  • You can find a man that you like, and then try to convince him to do all those things.

  • Or you can hire ah, a male assistant and just then start dating him.

  • Oh, this is a good point.

  • I could but step into my office and which is my car?

  • Yeah.

  • E could see that.

you are a single person.

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Laci Mosley: 5’9” Is A Whole Scam Of A Height - CONAN on TBS

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