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I'm Selena Gomez and I'm talking about girl power
I think Girl Power can mean so many different things
especially because we live in a time where
is so competitive with females, whether it's fashion
or boys, or, you know, friends
and then, boys and boys
and boys and... it‘s just really unfortunate
I feel like Girl Power is almost more powerful and more special than anything that you can compete for
I would have to say that if you‘re able to look at yourself in the mirror every day
with the decisions that you make
That’s where power starts. You know, sometimes
you‘ll have moments where you feel weak but
they‘re supposed to encourage you, they’re supposed to push you and motivate you so
I feel like that‘s something that I always try to do is look at myself in the mirror
and really think about what I’ve done and everyday, what decision I want to make.
If I had any superpower, it would probably be to just be invisible and...
eat everything I want. Which I kinda already do. I can‘t do the invisible thing.
I'll work on that.
Beyonce and um, Rachel McAdams, Meryl Streep, Kate Winslet
Those are my role models
They carry themselves but they stretch themselves into whatever form of art they want.
There is one artist that I think is very powerful. She doesn‘t really like me and that’s alright but
her name‘s Lorde and she‘s really cool.
I mean, I do think her message is very powerful. She‘s very young but she’s got a lot to say
and that‘s great so, more power to her.
I‘d probably be like...
probably like “sup”
with my girls behind me.
it doesn‘t work if I don’t have my girls behind me!
Go on my Instagram, that‘s girl power!
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Selena Gomez - Girl Power TAG!

3080 Folder Collection
Emily Hsieh published on July 13, 2014    Emily Hsieh translated
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