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  • you had a very unusual start.

  • Your mom was a fighter, right?

  • And she taught you Ah, lot about fighting when you were quite young.

  • She even taught you your famous the arm bar move.

  • Isn't that right?

  • Yeah.

  • My mom was actually the first American everyone the world championships in judo.

  • And she has a PhD in psychology.

  • So she's really great at really messing with the mind of someone young to make them into a champion so she would randomly attack me around the house.

  • Like, wait a minute.

  • Seriously, your mom would randomly, How old are you at the time?

  • Like 11 or 12.

  • That's fine.

  • Yeah, eso like watching TV.

  • I would always have my back up against something cause she would sneak up behind me and, like, coming over your naked choke and always be ready.

  • Like I had, like, a tick.

  • Wait a minute.

  • Yeah.

  • This is how you grew up.

  • Your mother attacking you and choking you whenever you're not looking.

  • Yeah, and I don't know how to do laundry.

  • She skipped that part.

  • That's incredible.

  • But I guess it worked.

  • Your amazing, amazing fighter.

  • Thank you.

  • You're you're training for your big title fight next week and you're getting close and it's against cat Zingano and I'm just Are you excited about this?

  • Are you like, what mental state you in right now?

  • Because this is a big fight.

  • I'm excited for every fight.

  • I'm excited like like it's an Olympic Games.

  • I've been to two Olympics already.

  • So, um, every time I walk out there, I feel like it's another chance at another Olympics.

  • And I'm actually really glad that I ended up getting the bronze instead of the gold because it always feels a little unfulfilled.

  • And every time I'm going out there like like, it's another chance to get a gold again.

  • And so, yeah, there's no other feeling like it in the world.

  • So motivation Clearly not a problem for you, but we have Ah, you guys have Ah, stare down.

  • You and your opponent UFC have have stand downs.

  • Ah, stare downs.

  • I'm sorry you have stared down where you stare at each other and you had one with cat Zingano and we have the picture here.

  • She got her fist in your face and I was First of all, I thought you were kissing.

  • I wasn't sure.

  • That's what the hairs for For doubt.

  • Yeah, but she got her fist in your face and I wondered, Are there rules like, is she not?

  • Is she allowed to put her fist in your face too aggressive.

  • My face was up there, too, is just shielded by all this hair, but yeah, it's fine.

  • As long as I don't actually hate you.

  • I had one girl once.

  • Actually tried to put her forehead on my forehead, trying to be tough.

  • Oh, she, like, leaned in and put her head against your forehead.

  • And what did you dio?

  • I pushed her back as hard as I could, and she wasn't expecting it and ended up with a big red welt in the middle of her head and asked her.

  • Looks like the commission should find her for headbutting me and did a But whatever.

  • I broke her on the next day.

  • It's OK.

  • I think this is, uh oh, what a delightful story.

you had a very unusual start.

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Ronda Rousey’s Mom Randomly Attacked Her - CONAN on TBS

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