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  • Hello and welcome to The English

  • We Speak. I'm Feifei.

  • And I'm Roy! My legs are really aching.

  • I've been standing all day!

  • Well, there's an easy fix for that,

  • Roy. Sit down!

  • No, sorry - I can't. I want

  • to be at the front of the

  • queue when we go to

  • watch Rob's Biscuit Band tonight.

  • Firstly, I'm not going with you.

  • Secondly, I think you've mixed up

  • front of the queue with 'frontliner' -

  • which is the word we're talking

  • about in this programme.

  • Ahhh... right. A frontliner is

  • a person who works in an

  • advanced position. It's been

  • mentioned quite a lot recently

  • due to the coronavirus pandemic.

  • Yes. Doctors and nurses who

  • have direct contact with patients

  • are sometimes referred to as frontliners.

  • Yes, because they work on

  • the frontline. Right, now

  • I'm going to sit down - seeing

  • as we're not queuing to be

  • at the front of the line.

  • Yes, you should. Let's listen

  • to these examples.

  • Ahmed is a frontliner and

  • works in the hospital as a

  • doctor helping patients recover

  • from diseases.

  • Wellington's mother is a

  • frontliner and attends many

  • accidents as a first-responder.

  • Roberta always wanted to

  • be a teacher growing up, and

  • now she works in a school

  • as a frontliner.

  • This is The English We

  • Speak from BBC Learning

  • English and we're talking about

  • the word 'frontliner'. This is a term

  • that refers to people who work

  • in an advanced position during

  • a pandemic, such as doctors

  • and nurses.

  • They do amazing jobs.

  • Sometimes they get referred

  • to as a 'frontline doctors and

  • nurses' or 'frontline workers'.

  • Many people see them as heroes.

  • Yes, these frontliners have been

  • risking their lives to save people

  • from the virus recently.

  • In the UK, a lot of people

  • took part every week in

  • something called 'Clap for Carers'.

  • It's now become an annual event

  • where people go outside and clap

  • to celebrate the difficult and

  • brave work of frontliners.

  • And to all the people who

  • listen to The English We Speak

  • who are frontliners - a round of applause.

  • Bye!

  • Bye!

Hello and welcome to The English

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Frontliner - The English We Speak

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    林宜悉 posted on 2020/12/30
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