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  • No.

  • One.

  • No one loves Chris.

  • Quite like you talks about Chris Quite like you.

  • Just what do you see from him so early in the season that I mean, he's just in an incredible rhythm.

  • It's playing ball, making shots, the high confidence, you know, creating place for another's.

  • Um, it was good, you know, we need this from him.

  • We needed him to do this all year long.

  • I was feeling good, and, you know, when Chris was good, you gotta pass the ball.

  • But you know he's playing is playing to get his own shot.

  • Boys playing through everybody else's right into the corner.

  • He's getting, he's.

  • And once he's, he looks so.

  • He's playing that with high confidence right now, and this team really needs that.

  • Do you feel like his handle and passing has gotten even better and you're not?

  • I know at this point in his career, you would think maybe like the peak has been reaching, but it feels like he's got an even better.

  • He could always pass no opinion.

  • You know, I believe you could always passed.

  • His hands was always there because he last year he dropped a couple of people's got some ankle breakers, so yeah, but he's way better.

  • His way better.

  • He's improving, He's getting older.

  • He knows the game better and he takes his time.

  • So it is better.

  • Jim Ozersky?

  • Yeah, that's what kind of spark has Dante given you the last couple of games?

  • I think you know, three pointers, couple drive to the basket early in the first quarter, early in the second quarter, kind of gets you guys going?

  • Yeah, told told that toe.

  • Need this.

  • We need him to be confident.

  • We need him.

  • Thio be aggressive.

  • We need him to know that he's not going swing.

  • Swing the ball.

  • He's gonna shoot the boat way.

  • Want him to shoot the boat and he's been playing with great confidence.

  • It's big for us.

  • It's big for us for someone like that, so they could play.

  • Both ends of the floor.

  • Can make shots could pretty much do everything that we want him to play like this all year long and he's been doing a great job, is getting his rhythm.

  • We're giving him confidence.

  • We tell him like this is what you do.

  • You got to keep doing very gotta keep doing more.

  • You got to shoot the ball in Europe.

  • You gotta pay your own shots because we need more threats out that eso they began to be easier for me, crazy Jew and Brooke.

  • But he's been doing a great job.

  • Phenomenal job.

  • Christos was four DNA in Greece.

  • Hello, Ghani's Merry Christmas from Greece.

  • I would like to ask you first of all, how enjoyable for you was to show your brother finances, bring energy, energy on the court.

  • And also this is this version of Milwaukee Box is better than last season.

  • Okay, I didn't hear the second part was the second part again today.

  • Do you believe that this version off Milwaukee box this season is better than last season?

  • Um, first of all, See, my brother out there is always fun, fun to watch.

  • He always plays hard, you know.

  • Obviously, my brother was my teammates.

  • He did some good things out there, played the game the right way.

  • Hey, had one of the best, the festive clip that we've had so far into the season.

  • It's good.

  • It's good to see him out there is good that he could bring energy and play that our way and, uh, get cement out there.

  • I believe that this version of the box version of the box is the musical boxes here.

  • Way good.

  • We better way Have some great, uh, guys that add to the team we had to the team, the plane that are away.

  • And once everything fitting together, we're gonna be good.

  • It is going to find a watch.

  • One more to Steve McGarr G.

  • I was just wondering what your response.

  • Well, merry Christmas.

  • I was just wondering.

  • Response was in the team's response when you all saw those very video messages from family members of players before the game.

  • While you're getting ready, you know it Z nice to your family way wasn't expecting it.

  • You know, there's obviously there's no fans to give us energy.

  • Um, so just seeing a video of our family wishing us, you know, uh, you know, Merry Christmas and introducing us to the game and it was fun, especially See my little brother from Spain.

  • It was fun.


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