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  • God.

  • Christian.

  • Very gentle.

  • Very Christian and friends.

  • Gorgeous.

  • Move from Luke Adachi.

  • What did he dio?

  • Look, this is your first Christmas Day game in the NBA.

  • What are you looking forward to about it?

  • Oh, yeah.

  • Very excited.

  • Uh, no, This is my first one.

  • And we played the champions.

  • That's what.

  • I'm excited, too.

  • So it's gonna be fun day fun game because a lot of people is gonna be watching, so I hope that is gonna be a great game.

  • Do you have a favorite Christmas memory from growing up when you were little kids, the presence you got?

  • I think that was my favorite part in the morning.

  • So I'm going to sleep.

  • This historic 2020 MBA championship belongs to the Los Angeles Lakers.

  • So this year, instead of getting presents under the tree for Christmas, you are getting the defending champion L A Lakers.

  • The first time you played LeBron James, you were only 19 years old.

  • We've seen the picture of you standing outside the locker room waiting for him to sign a jersey.

  • So much has changed since then.

  • You know, because I remember the whole first game was very special.

  • you know, it's something I remember a long time You got it Now is way different than the first game.

  • You know, first game against him against the Lakers.

  • So it's obviously different, but I think now is like it's still special.

  • But, you know, you're just different situation.

  • You're just trying to win.

  • Okay, good luck keeping it better.

  • You have one of the greatest to ever play the game fawning over you.

  • You have the Mavericks team built around you.

  • You never seem to show the pressure that all of that brings.

  • How do you manage that?

  • I mean, there's always say, You know, there's been pressure since I was a little kid.

  • I don't know, but I think I learned through to the road when I've been since Madrid.

  • I mean, there's a look.

  • It I have had pressure.

  • I think so.

  • I think it's just grow that you learned game by game practice, but practice no face, no case.

  • You recently won a bet with one of your teammates, Jalen Bronson, over a video game challenge you guys had.

  • Can you please explain to America what happened?

  • So we played FIFA the bed waas.

  • If you lose this.

  • We gotta wear a cowboy jersey because he's in his an Eagles fan.

  • You know, it wasn't just that you made him where Cowboys jersey, Look out.

  • What did the name plate on the back of the jersey say, Look, a son?

  • You know, I had to put some fun in it, you know, make me proud.

  • Water performance.

  • That's legend stuff right there.

  • Gotcha.

  • Pulls up three Pointer Dancer Twins game at the buzzer.

  • You were phenomenal in the bubble in the playoffs against the Clippers.

  • You had that double overtime 43 point masterpiece.

  • But you guys still lost the Siri's.

  • What did you take away from that?

  • It was my first playoff.

  • Siri's phone basketball.

  • Our emotions I'm probably did back there.

  • Way fought way.

  • Gave everything that we could.

  • Luke Adachi is going to win the MVP.

  • He will be the undisputed best player on that team.

  • You and I have talked about the fact that you want to win M V P.

  • It's one of your goals.

  • Las Vegas oddsmakers have said you are actually the favorite to win M V P.

  • This year.

  • Do you think that you could do it?

  • I think I could do it, but you know, that's not my first go apart from it, you know, it's great to see that my goal is always win a championship, you know?

  • E think not just mine.

  • The whole we're gonna Jason, goal.

  • You know, hopefully, some days we're going to achieve it.

  • Yeah.

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