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  • you know.

  • You know what?

  • I'm gonna go off topic real quick.

  • I'm gonna come back.

  • Let me tell you one of the most humbling moments of that.

  • So Dallas beats us in.

  • Fine.

  • And me, I go dark.

  • LeBron goes dark, he grows his hair.

  • Everything he goes really dark way.

  • Had a trip that was playing earlier, that we're gonna get our families together, our wives together.

  • We're gonna go to Bahamas and do all this.

  • So we kept our trip, and that was the first time we've seen each other since we lost.

  • And so, you know, we're trying to get ourselves out of this phone, You know what I mean?

  • Hey, when the Bahamas Lett's go out, let's gamble.

  • Let's whatever.

  • Let's get off this phone.

  • And so we get to the club and Jason Terry is in line, right?

  • A shout out to the jet.

  • Terry is in line, Jason Terry is in the back.

  • Other line, and we walk in there like the way brown.

  • Come on, come on.

  • So we go right in V i p.

  • You know, And Jason Terry, man took him another 20 minutes to get in that club.

  • 25.

  • 25 e getting Jason.

  • Terry came in and he walked right up to me and Brian walked right up to assume he came to club right up to us and put his hand out.

  • Uh, and in that moment, I did not want to shake that man hand at all because they just beat us in the funds.

  • And, you know, J j t love him.

  • And he talked throughout the whole finals.

  • And, you know, as he should have because we, you know, we did our thing to and I didn't want to shake his hand.

  • And at that moment, I was like, Damn, Jason, Terry, I mean, J got some of us right now, man.

  • Like we make and get in the club quicker than anybody.

  • But this man walked up to us with so much swagger, so much confidence, like, yo, y'all probably got in 30 minutes before me, but you're gonna have to pay respect to the champ, you know, you got the ring.

  • The ring never looked at it, but he came over there like pay respect.

  • And we had to give that man his respect because of what they accomplished.

  • How and how they beat us with special.

  • But what they did is it humbled us.

  • And it got us ready for what was to come and what was to come in the next three years of going back to the finals.

  • Three years in a row, being a young okay, See, team that had a lot of talent with Russ and James and Katie.

  • But they were young.

  • And even though they gave us the great finals, they shouldn't have beat us anyway because we were more season.

  • We were more experienced.

  • I had already won the finals.

  • Brown had already been in the finals, you know, they were just some young pups that were very talented.

  • Um, that made it to the finals, but impressively, by the way.

  • But we knew that they wasn't able to beat us when it came down to the mental side of the game at that time.

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you know.

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D-Wade tells hilarious story of Jason Terry humbling him and LeBron James after Mavs' title

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    林宜悉 posted on 2020/12/27
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