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  • I mean, it's all right.

  • I understand that.

  • That was cool.

  • I Leonard's initial reaction to these Clipper City edition uniforms designed by the world famous tattoo artist Mr Cartoon.

  • And now we're thrilled to be joined by the man himself.

  • Mr.

  • Cartoon, Welcome, Thio.

  • The jump You are born and raised here in l.

  • A.

  • I'm thrilled you could come on with us.

  • What does it mean to you to see your designs on these Clippers uniforms?

  • It's amazing to see these designs on the Clipper uniforms because this was writing that was used on the back of the homies sweatshirts and way would ride it on the walls.

  • And, you know, this is, uh, something from L.

  • A that comes from like graffiti are too low riding culture, and for it to be on a major sports team is big for us.

  • I mean, you had police chasing you off writing it on graffiti walls, and now they're putting it on an MBA Uniformed.

  • That's a huge leap.

  • Huge leap, you know, And this opens the doors for a lot of up and coming young people that love graffiti, but hey, they could have a career in art or sign painting or lettering or Hey, they could design for the Clippers.

  • Absolutely, And your client list overall reads nothing but a listers.

  • Beyonce, Snoop, Justin Timberlake, 50 Travis Barker, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera.

  • I I just can't even name.

  • We don't have room on the screen for all your famous clients.

  • Who is your first celebrity clients?

  • Wow, I think one of the first celebrities with Cyprus Hill, Cyprus Hill, was the first one that had a platinum record that I tattooed.

  • And then, you know, Carlos Boozer was one of the first pro ballplayers that came to the shop to get sleeved.

  • I have to ask you what it was like tattooing Beyonce.

  • Because when Beyonce lets you permanently alter her body, that is a very big deal, not just to her, but to the nation, frankly for sure.

  • And you know, we're all a big fan of her.

  • She's a class lady and she just got a small tattoo.

  • That's, uh, discreet shows that when she wants to, There you go.

  • You did, of course, also worked with the late, great Kobe Bryant.

  • What was that experience like for you, and how do you think of it?

  • now after his passing.

  • Kobe is a true inspiration.

  • You know, we actually had an appointment to get his daughter's name on him when he passed, and I think the whole world was crushed.

  • I don't know if it will ever be the same, but he was always a gentleman.

  • Uh, funny.

  • You know, he would ask you how your kids are doing.

  • Remember your friends names.

  • You know, it's amazing that a huge loss for Los Angeles in the world absolutely so many appointments left unfulfilled.

  • We will always remember Kobe.

  • We will be thrilled.

  • Tow.

  • Watch your work on the Clippers uniforms this year.

  • It is really just a incredible step.

  • Thank you so much for joining us.

  • We're gonna see you echo all over the MBA throughout the season.

  • Yeah, Co Clippers.

  • Thanks for watching ESPN on YouTube For live streaming sports and premium content.

I mean, it's all right.

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Mister Cartoon talks tattooing Kobe Bryant, designing the Clippers' jerseys | The Jump

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