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  • In this video I am going to take you guys

  • on a super rare and unique uni experience

  • in Ginza. Alright, I'm so excited about

  • this I've been waiting for months. Let's go!

  • So today I'm taking you guys on an exclusive

  • uni aka sea urchin oddessy at Sushi

  • Saisho. It's super difficult to book a

  • a seat at this event since its announced irregularly

  • on their Facebook page and when it does

  • it gets filled in less than an hour that's

  • why I am so fired up tonight. This is the

  • master chief Sashio. he seems serious

  • right now but you'll soon see he's super

  • chill and silly as a pink pickle. So this

  • is a set dinner course with all you can

  • drink for ¥13,800 ($125) I think it's

  • fairly reasonable for a sushi course in

  • Ginza and if you're down then get your

  • drink on. They just set the sashimi right

  • on the counter. Our dope course

  • included sashimi and 17 luscious pieces of

  • sushi and of course mostly uni.

  • Isn't it cool how he explains the

  • background of each ingredient. After this

  • Post Malone kampaii then my uni going

  • psycho. Let's have some fun. Look at

  • that it's so thick it's from Kyushu. It's

  • suppose to be sweet. This is just regular soy sauce.

  • Alright this is like the appetizer to the uni look how big this piece is.

  • It's like butter-soft, it's like little squid.

  • hmm!!! It just like pops and explodes in your mouth.

  • I love how neat the uni is laid out in the

  • wooden trays. but even better is how swiftly the master goes to work shoveling

  • the golden uni onto his white canvas of rice.

  • Finally! The master is done all this love for only the 10 people in the room.

  • You get a uni, she gets a uni, we all get uni!! Look at how it beautifuly

  • glisens. ahh, its so fresh and sikly! I love the delicate taste of uni. It's

  • like on of those things that doesn't compare to any other taste in the world.

  • If you never had uni before you gotta come here and try it.

  • And #2, also unlike what I'm used to the harder and sharper rice paired well with he melting uni.

  • There best friends! hmm!!! And he just served aoyagi.

  • It's must be like a clam mussel but it almost looks like a hotate.

  • Very intresing and very good.

  • Blue fin tuna!!

  • hmm!! wow it just melts in your mouth that's amazing.

  • Bluefin tuna. Japanese people say akami red part red meat.

  • In this I made it torigai, It's kinda shellfish. Its only spring special.

  • This one I rub it. In spring it's shellfish season best season now. Ohh

  • shellfish is aromatic. hahahaha!!!

  • shellfish is (inaudible)

  • This is his favorite.

  • It has a really interesting texture it a little chewy but then it has really

  • like smooth and silky texture. It's so rare that you don't eat it raw

  • you usually eat it as boiled. So this time it's a lot sweeter.

  • And more uni!! Let's eat this and another round of sake. Can life get better than

  • this!

  • Wow, it's dangerously good. It's a little bit sweet and it''s super fruity and uni.

  • hmm~ best night ever!!

  • Look at him go, the master going all samurai on the marbled Kanzaki beef.

  • Time to finish it off by kissing it lightly with a torch.

  • Uni as you know means sea urchin and niku means meat and uni and niku combined is

  • Uniku!

  • Holy mother of dam the meat just melts even just tastes like flame broiled

  • aspect in the uni on top with a combination of meat it's very like a

  • refined taste, and look he has a patent for Uniku

  • Alright what do you guys think?

  • To see more of my adventures in Tokyo hit that subscribe button.

  • and I'll catch you guys in next one

  • The End

In this video I am going to take you guys

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$125 Exclusive Japanese Uni Sushi Restaurant in Tokyo Ginza

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    Summer posted on 2020/12/26
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