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  • Hello, I'm John Russell.

  • Let's continue our exploration of continent sounds.

  • In a recent video, I talked about sounds that are made with the lips today.

  • Let's explore sounds that are made with the tip of the tongue.

  • Thes sounds involved the tip of the tongue and the teeth, as well as the tip of the tongue and the area just behind your teeth.

  • Let's start with sounds made by putting the tip of the tongue in between the teeth.

  • Such sounds include the sound, as in think as well as the sound, as in that Think think that these sounds are not common in many languages, but unfortunately, these sounds are very common in English pronouns such as they articles such as the or demonstrative, such as these or those all have the sound.

  • Our next group of sounds come from putting the tip of the tongue in the area behind your teeth.

  • When you pronounce these continent sounds, you should feel the tip of your tongue touching the top of your mouth just behind your upper teeth.

  • In some cases, the tip of the tongue will not quite touch this area.

  • Examples include sounds such as as in Tom.

  • Yeah, as in Dawn LA as in lawn.

  • When you practice with thes sounds in the future, pay careful attention to your tongue.

  • Ask yourself if you are placing your tongue in between your teeth or just behind your teeth, keep up the good work.

Hello, I'm John Russell.

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How to Pronounce: Sounds Made with the Tip of the Tongue

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    林宜悉 posted on 2020/12/24
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