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so we here with Wonderhart - Team Wild's official hungarian hunting destination and once
again we're after pigs
no hunting is ever the same which is why it's such an obsession for millions
of us across the globe
unfortunately i'm very much a self-confessed addict and need to have
another wild boar fix
Zoltan is once again guiding me this morning
from the outset we have no problem finding wild boar
but we do have a problem finding the right one for me to get my crosshairs on
so there's a couple of young sows down at the bottom of the hill
they are just feeding
we're looking for an older wild boar male
we don't think there's going to be one there
we've seen a couple of younger sows with piglets
this one looks like a yearling sow
quite small in the body with quite a short nose
but they don't seem too concerned by us
famous last words!
wild boar seem to be hyper sensitive...
...or not give a toss
there doesn't seem to be any middle ground
so while they're being the former i'll take you through the kit I'm hunting
with today
so it's quite dark in here and we're hunting for wild boar
So I've been pretty specific about the equipment I've brought with me today with me today
For my rifle I've chosen a Ruger M77 Hawkeye
This is the 'All-Weather' variant
At £958.00 you get an awful lot of rifle for your money
22"stainless steel barrel
fully synthetic stock
the classic mauser action with non-rotating ejector
in addition to that I can group three shots at one hundred yards on my thumb nail
but more importantly today is this
this is a new Zeiss 3-12x56T* Victory HT scope
Now this is a brand new scope that Zeiss introduced at IWA this year
three to twelve power magnification
56mm objective lens and probably the most incredible light transmission
of any scope on the market. Zeiss claim ninety five percent
so in this dark canopy, that's pretty important
but most importantly above that is making sure what hits the wild boar
has got the right stuff
as usual I've brought my Lapua Mega
185 grain
in .30-06 Springfield
now those bad boys when they hit the target
they pole axe pigs. All we need to do now, is find our keiler
i've always expecting to see something shootable todayand here we have a
good-sized group of wild boar at about 80 yards in front of us
I know their eyesight isn't good but I'm sure they suspect something
the big wild boar male closest to us gives a good stare in our direction
before going back to rooting around in the rich soil
Zoltan confirms he wants me to go for the tusker at the front
knowing my 185 grain Lapua Mega's pack a serious punch
I want to make sure my backstop is soil, not another wild boar
just one pig today, not two
eventually I'm happy taking the shot
the big guy is on his own. I hit him really hard and he is literally blown off his feet
another fantastic pig. Off my knee at about 65 yards I'm really, really
These Lapua Mega absolutely rock
I'll be interested see if this one exited
the last time shot a pig with one it didn't meaning it imparted all of its energy
right in the body of the wild boar. It did it's job absolutely perfectly
There's something about stalking this close to these magnificent animals
Now I know the wind was in our favour this time. It was kind of
swirling around so has been changing against us during our time here
but this worked absolutely perfectly
thanks so much to my Ruger
Like I said, it groups on my thumbnail and knocks over pigs. What more do you want?
another beautiful pig
It's amazing. But this pig is not as big as some of the ones I've shot
but in comparison its tusks are HUGE as you can see, these incisors... they rub against
the uh... the bottom incisor rubs against the top incisor making them absolutely stuck inside and make them absolute you
razor sharp
this thing here
will cause a dog some damage if you wound it and send the dog in to find it
but he's actually a pretty looking pig. Like I said, not the biggest one i've shot
but a very handsome animal nonetheless
now as you can see
there is no exit wound here
the wild boar and I are given the traditional works
it's something i really enjoy when hunting in mainland europe
So Tamas, tell us a little bit more about the tradition of the leaves here because Hungary's got a lot of
strong hunting traditions
and this one seems quite poignant
It's like when
people die
and at their funeral
you give some
flowers to the grave
so it's
is coming
a nice traditionn
so we
have honour for the game
just almost like a mark of respect and a parting gift
for the bounty of meat we're about to receive
because the game has given its life
for our passion
and for our food
it's one of the things I love about hunting in Europe
there is that age-old tradition, thousands of years a celebration
it's not just sport
it's a harvest
and then we're showing respect for them
kinda makes me feel all emotional
I haven't been the only one hunting in this huge forest today
and all the wild boar make a great display in readiness for the ceremony
so this is what I love the most about hunting here in hungary
to these guys this isn't just sport, it's a way of life
and the celebration of the game shows the amount of respect they have for it
not only should you use the right equipment, you've got to make good shots
and get as close as possible
but as Tamas said before there's a hint of sadness not only are they celebrating celebration
the fact there's been a harvest but they're also slightly sad they've had to take a life
and this is the respect they have for their quarry
I'm really pleased with the wild boar I shot today
his impressive tusks will soon take pride of place on a wall back home
to create your Hungarian hunting adventure visit wonderhart.co.uk
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Hunting Giant Wild Boar in Hungary

1785 Folder Collection
一一 published on July 11, 2014
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