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  • I love the, uh, Tesla's system driving.

  • Because when I'm driving, I don't have toe to use the break all the time.

  • Only for emergencies.

  • Test those air.

  • Really fun to drive.

  • It's a sexy car.

  • Drivers love it.

  • It actually kind of brings the novelty of, you know, driving again, making it fun.

  • Um, and you know, riders love getting into it.

  • We're gonna be rolling out Tesla's over the next few months and years and obviously were extremely focused on building infrastructure.

  • That makes sense so that drivers have the charging accessibility.

  • They have the charging price point and the repair and maintenance of a commercial like facility.

  • So we plan on being able Thio service Tesla's commercially and having infrastructure that makes charging totally ubiquitous across the city.

I love the, uh, Tesla's system driving.

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