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  • For many in West Africa, the heavy rains of recent months have brought catastrophic floods.

  • But in Senegal's usually parched north, they're praising the heavens.

  • Boy, he could come.

  • Thank God.

  • This year we have grass herders like Far East.

  • So are not usedto unexpected benefits in the SAR Hell, a region whose semiarid prairie stretch eastwards from Senegal through some of the world's poorest countries, the satellite data shows recent downpours have created some of the thickest vegetation in years of vital respect for Senegal's farmers and the three million strong herding community following successive droughts Hold Henwood.

  • You see this grass is still fresh at this time of year.

  • Last year, during the same period, grass was already dry and there was not a lot off it.

  • That meant those cattle are the fattest they've seen in recent memory, and other sectors have also benefited.

  • Grains output is expected to jump over 30% this year, prompting Senegal to reverse its economic outlook from contraction to grow.

  • But the third is good.

  • Fortune also indicates an unpredictable climate.

  • Scientists say the region is becoming hotter, but that dramatic climate swings year to year make it difficult to predict what Senegal should prepare for in the long term well on the daily ranch, so joins 67 year old Jubera car for some tea.

  • The older man says he worries what the future has in store for younger herders.

  • God is making human beings face an existential crisis.

  • We don't know what tomorrow will be made off.

  • The fears are riel.

  • Across the Sahel, two thirds of the population depends on farming or herding.

  • But beyond Senegal, many have not been able to reap the benefits of the abundance of vegetation.

  • Conflict across Mali, Burkina Faso and *** has cut off access to farms and displaced communities, contributing to the worst food crisis in a decade, so the goal has escaped the violence.

  • But the predicted hotter, dry seasons will mean water resources dwindle more quickly, and some heard his fear.

  • Their way of life may also be drying up.

For many in West Africa, the heavy rains of recent months have brought catastrophic floods.

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Climate change gives Senegal's herders a good year

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    林宜悉 posted on 2020/12/23
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