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  • Kevin Durant hadn't played a single n b a game, at least in the regular season since June of 2019.

  • And you know what it was like he had spent absolutely no time away.

  • First game back in 560 days, Durant scored 22 points in 25 minutes, and the lead over the Warriors was so big that they didn't need them in the fourth.

  • Didn't even step a foot on the court.

  • Katie's former teammate, Kendrick Perkins, joins us now.

  • Durant played like he didn't miss a single day.

  • So how sure should the rest of the week league like be looking at this?

  • And how worried should they be?

  • That should be very worried.

  • Kevin Durant is back.

  • Already said this once in a cold that this is the guy.

  • This is the best score that ever touched the basketball.

  • And I know this.

  • You could drop Kevin Durant anywhere in American.

  • He's gonna get buckets.

  • And now that he's healthy along with the way that Kyrie Irving is playing right now and how focused he is on the court, not off the court but on the court, this is a dangerous duo and they have some of the best role players, if not the best role players in the league.

  • I love the way that Steve Nash is using the vert to come off the bench as 1/6 man who could possibly win sixth Man of the year.

  • They have two great centers in DeAndre Jordan and Jared Allen.

  • I love Joe Harris this late.

  • I mean, this next team is really, really deep and they're coming out of the Eastern Conference and the rest of the league should be very, very scared when you expect the combined 48 from from Katie and Kyrie, which will have more on him in a second.

  • But Caris Levert also added 20 points to that.

  • So Kyrie was efficient in this game.

  • He had 26 points in 25 minutes in 10 of 16 shooting.

  • Tim Legler, though, has a theory as to why Kyrie looked so comfortable.

  • I think for Kyrie he's back in his comfortable place, which is next to a superstar that cast a little bit longer shadow.

  • I think that's what he was at his best in Cleveland.

  • He didn't have to worry about being a leader he didn't have to worry about the responsibility of facing the media, answering to his teammates or the accountability.

  • He could just go out and play, and when he does that, his talent is electrifying.

  • So if this is indeed a more familiar role for Kyrie, what is the ceiling for this Nets team?

  • Well, when you look at carried Tim, Tim Legler was right.

  • Carry is not a bad man.

  • He's a certified robbing and when he could just go out there and play basketball and not worry about being the leader, not worrying about getting others involved involved, but just worried about going out there and getting buckets, that's what he that's what he does, One of the most skilled guys, they ever play the game.

  • He is phenomenal, and so with Kyrie right now, although I may disagree with a lot of things he does off the court when he gets between those lines, he is a problem.

  • I do like that.

  • He's not a bad man.

  • He's a certified Robin, and the next time we see that certified Robin and team, it will be against Kerry's most former, most recent former team.

  • It's the Nets and the Celtics Christmas evening.

  • 5 p.m. You can see that on a B C E.

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Kevin Durant hadn't played a single n b a game, at least in the regular season since June of 2019.

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