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  • Yeah.

  • In a former factory in Wuhan, China, 22 year olds Yang Fang or Dikky catwalks spins and dips.

  • Each of these moves air components of a style of dance called voguing, popularized by mostly queer black community in the United States during the 19 eighties, it was seen most often an underground competitions called Ballroom.

  • Let's go Today.

  • Voguing has made its way to this central Chinese city, which just one year ago was in the spotlight for a very different reason.

  • It was the original epicenter of the health pandemic, detecting the world's first cases in January, Wuhan went on a 76 day locked down and was isolated from the rest of the country.

  • Dickey is the Onley vogue instructor in the city and says his small class has swollen in size since the lock down was lifted.

  • His students say they look toe live mawr, authentic lives.

  • In the wake of a traumatic year, 23 year old Crisp is one of them just eating just after this pandemic.

  • I feel that vogue dancing has given me a lot of emotional support during this period because it made me realize that we need to seize every minute, every second to be who we are way have to cherish ourselves on pursue a better quality of life the whole together.

  • Dickie and his class filmed a music video, their first in person project together since the lock down ended.

  • The purpose of shooting this video is to let everyone know that Wuhan also has a voguing and ballroom culture.

  • Previously, because of the pandemic, everyone was locked up at home and couldn't get out so everyone could only make video calls to practice online.

  • Now our situation is much better on.

  • We finally have time to come out and shoot this video.

  • Voguing is not well known in a country that strongly sensors LGBT content and rejects nontraditional families.

  • And yet Wuhan has its own thriving community because of people like Dickie, whose dream now is to keep growing.


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