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  • Are you having a relationship problem?

  • Look no further.

  • I'm here to help.

  • If you need to ruin your relationship, here are eight quick ways to do it.

  • One.

  • Take your partner for granted.

  • There's no better way to kill your relationship than to assume your partner is gonna love you, no matter how badly you treat them or talk to them when they do something nice for you.

  • Ignore it.

  • When they say something kind, nit pick and twist their words.

  • Do not acknowledge their efforts in any way, shape or form.

  • And you're on the right track to punish your partner daily.

  • Never let him or her or them forget about the times in the past that they messed up because you keep a log of that ish.

  • You have stockpiled every negative experience in a detailed mental catalog for this moment.

  • You are judge, jury and executioner.

  • You are the law and they have broken you.

  • Three.

  • Stop listening.

  • What for?

  • Withhold affection, especially during sex.

  • Nothing gets your partner more upset than stonewalling them during their most vulnerable moments.

  • Trust me, as someone who has had this done to them, it is incredibly effective.

  • All you want is the warm touch of the person you love the most.

  • But there, in the distance of colds and immovable object cut off from you completely and you're left wondering what it is that you did wrong, how you could have gotten to this point and whether or not you ever really knew this person at all.

  • Five.

  • Be dishonest, Lie, cheat.

  • Steal all of these air aphrodisiacs for the demise of love.

  • Make sure that none of your stories add up about where you've been, who you are with or any details about your life.

  • Really, even small eyes are wonderful.

  • Way to slowly but surely gaslight your partner into wanting to leave you alone.

  • Six.

  • Completely immerse yourself in their lives.

  • Co dependency to the point of not having your own hobbies, friends or opinions is a very good strategy to get someone to go away, build your entire life around them, have no true identity of your own.

  • Define yourself by this relationship, and it'll be sure to crumble.

  • Seven.

  • Fight badly.

  • Arguments are inevitable in a relationship, so take advantage of them.

  • Get defensive, be emotionally immature.

  • Don't validate any of their feelings about any of your disagreements and gaslight them into believing that they're crazy.

  • Turn every complaint they might have about you back on them and attack them as a human being.

  • And eight refused to say sorry, even when you're in the wrong.

  • Actually, let's be, really you're never in the wrong good luck.

  • You know, they say that love is dead, but don't worry.

  • You'll get there that the last embers of your relationship maybe burning you can stop that mother out with a little time, patience and bad behavior.

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Are you having a relationship problem?

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8 ways to ruin a relationship

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