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  • Hi, I'm Dr Natasha Lyonne, a family physician at One Medical.

  • And today I'll be answering your most common questions about the Koven vaccine.

  • Why was the vaccine able to be manufactured in under a year when there is no vaccine for viruses?

  • That has been around much longer?

  • As of today, two vaccines have gotten emergency use authorization from the FDA to fight co bid, and both of those vaccines used the Marna technology.

  • But there are several other vaccines that are coming down the pipeline.

  • And even though the vaccines themselves are new, the specific platform behind the vaccines has been developed and tested for many years, and the coronavirus itself has been tested for 50 years.

  • It's important to note that in these vaccine trials, there have been thousands of people from diverse populations that have helped prove the vaccines are safe and effective.

  • So it might seem daunting that this vaccine was developed in under a year.

  • But it was developed in a way that did not compromise safety, and it was based on research we've been doing for many years.

  • Both the Pfizer and Madonna Covad vaccines used messenger RNA, which is essentially a recipe for ourselves to produce the stars Kobe to spike protein after ourselves produced the protein, they break down the instructions.

  • Then they display the protein on their surfaces and are immune.

  • System recognizes it as foreign and starts to mount a response.

  • That way, if we're ever exposed to the coronavirus, our immune system is ready to spring into action.

  • Now, in the phase three trials, there's only one vaccine that requires one dose.

  • All the rest of the vaccines require two doses.

  • So, generally speaking, you would get your first shot in your arm like the flu shot.

  • And then you get your second dose 3 to 4 weeks later, depending on the vaccine.

  • And in order to build maximum responsiveness, we wanna make sure that everybody gets two doses of the vaccines.

  • Does the cove in 19 vaccine contain the virus?

  • The covert vaccines that use the mRNA technology do not contain the virus itself.

  • There are other vaccine types that are being studied, and one of them uses a weekend virus that is not the covert virus itself.

  • Another one uses harmless protein particles from the virus.

  • It's important to note that the covert vaccine cannot make you sick with Cove?

  • It and the covert vaccine can't enter the nucleus of your cells so the covert vaccine can't alter your DNA.

  • Are there any side effects of the vaccine?

  • What are they?

  • Yes, there are side effects of the cove in 19 vaccines, but luckily they're mild and short lived.

  • These side effects include things like pain at the injection site, readiness of the injection site, fatigue, muscle aches, chills, headaches and joint pains.

  • There are also reports of severe allergic reactions to the covert vaccine, but these air very rare.

  • If you have a personal history of having a severe allergic reaction, you should reach out to your primary care provider about how to get the vaccine.

  • Oftentimes, they will recommend that you get the vaccine under careful medical monitoring.

  • If you have a severe allergic reaction to any component of the vaccine, you should not get the vaccine.

  • Does the Cove in 19 vaccine caused Bell's palsy?

  • The FDA has reported eight total cases of temporary facial paralysis, also known as Bell's palsy, in the covert vaccine trials of Pfizer and Madonna combined, that's out of 73,000 participants.

  • Seven of the eight people who had the temporary facial paralysis had received the vaccine instead of the placebo.

  • Now the FDA says that we can't make a link between the Bell's palsy and the vaccine.

  • We do need more data.

  • The reality is in practice, we do see cases of Bells policy linked to other vaccines as well as other infections.

  • So time will tell if there is a correlation.

  • But it's something we need to carefully monitor.

  • The good news is when we do see cases of facial paralysis nearly always, they just resolve spontaneously.

  • Within a few weeks, I've heard rumors that the vaccine could affect fertility.

  • How do I feel safe taking a vaccine that hasn't existed long enough to be tested through the duration of a pregnancy?

  • Now, regarding people who are trying to get pregnant?

  • There was a theory that the cove in 19 vaccine might impact fertility because of a shared amino acid sequence between the stars, Kobe to spike protein and a placental protein.

  • But experts studied it, and they agree at this point that the amino acid sequence is far too short to trigger an auto immune response that would impact fertility.

  • So in summary, we do not think that the Kobe 19 vaccine impacts fertility Now regarding people who are pregnant, there's actually insufficient data to know the impact on pregnancy or the impact on the fetus.

  • So if you're someone who's pregnant, reach out to your primary care provider to talk about the vaccine so you can weigh the risks and benefits of whether or not the vaccine is right for you.

  • Does the vaccine include a tracker?

  • No.

  • The covert vaccine does not have any sort of tracking device or nano chips.

  • That being said, the COVITZ syringe does have an R F i D microchip, and that helps us track when and where the vaccine was administered.

  • Public health officials want to use that data to kind of create an information map to know where the vaccines have been administered, but those will not be injected into your body.

  • It's also important to note that the vaccine boxes themselves have a GPS beacon, a temperature monitor and barcodes.

  • This is really to ensure safety of the vaccines because they have to be shipped at very precise temperatures.

  • How will the vaccine impact people who have already had cove in 19 at this point.

  • There's not enough information to know how long immunity lasts after having a covert infection or after having the vaccine.

  • We also don't know what produces the strongest community, the vaccine itself or the virus.

  • As a result, we do think it's safe for people who have had the Coben infection to get the covert vaccine, and we'll wait to see more data about the vaccines.

  • Will the cove in 19 vaccine end the pandemic?

  • What if most people don't take the vaccine now before you start popping those bottles of champagne?

  • The cove it vaccine won't immediately end the pandemic, at least not right away.

  • That's because it's going to take time to vaccinate a majority of the population.

  • Experts estimate that 75% to 85% of the population needs to get vaccinated in order to achieve herd immunity.

  • And so what that means is that for the next several months, we need to continue to take this virus seriously where a mask and physically distance.

  • If the majority of the population doesn't get the vaccine, then it's likely that the virus will continue to circulate.

  • How much will the vaccine cost?

  • Although details are still being sorted out.

  • We anticipate that insurance companies as well as the government will cover the cost of the covert vaccine.

  • It's so important that all Americans have access to this covert vaccine in order to keep all of us safe and healthy.

  • Will the vaccine need to be taken annually like a flu shot?

  • This is an area that's still unknown.

  • We don't know how long immunity lasts after the covert vaccine with many other vaccines, we do need a booster, and that might end up being the case of the covert vaccine.

  • But only time will tell.

  • It has been a very challenging year for so many of us.

  • But these covered vaccines are a light at the end of a very long tunnel.

  • Ultimately, they have been proven to be safe and effective and research trials, and we need a majority of Americans to get the vaccine in order for us to achieve her immunity.

  • There are a lot of celebrities that have said they will get the covert vaccine on camera in order to encourage others to get it.

Hi, I'm Dr Natasha Lyonne, a family physician at One Medical.

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Doctor Answers Your Burning Questions About COVID-19 Vaccines

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