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  • so many people have asked me why I am so obsessed with the Saints.

  • I think it means even more than ever, because of Luke, there's a comfort in Sunday's for a father, a son and their saints.

  • I think everyone is inspired by Luke Story.

  • I think Luke is a bit of a good luck charm for us to welcome to the home of our football champions.

  • Just say we've lost a video on what we say do that.

  • I have been a Saints fan all my life, and my little boy was the same way our deal was.

  • We're going to the Superdome every year for the rest of our lives.

  • Nike.

  • Thanks Hey, don't like this Cab boy Luke Siegel inherited Mawr than fandom from his father, Tim.

  • Ah, former professional tennis player and coach, a Texas Tech.

  • And Luke was as determined and competitive his dad, especially in baseball.

  • He loved to practices much you'd love to play and how Maney 78 year olds are like that.

  • His goal was to be the best second basement in the world, not wanting to miss those moments.

  • In July 2015, after 23 years of Texas Tech.

  • Tim left to spend more time with nine year old Luke and his three older daughters.

  • Oh, 20 days after resigning, life changed forever.

  • Here s the address of your emergency.

  • It's on 106th and save them in the colder sack.

  • Some kids were doing doughnuts in a golf cart and it flipped over on him.

  • And he's bleeding really, really bad.

  • Luke had been riding in a modified golf cart with a friend when the vehicle flipped over, landing on it before his parents could get there.

  • Luke was rushed to the hospital.

  • E remember just talking to God and begging him that everything was OK.

  • When I see a doctor told me, Just pray he wakes up.

  • Luke had gone into cardiac arrest, depriving his brain of oxygen for more than seven minutes.

  • We were told local never uses limbs.

  • He will never use his voice.

  • He should never open his eyes through a family friend.

  • Word of Lukes accident reached the Saints.

  • As Tim sat with Luke in intensive care, he received a message on his phone.

  • Hey, Luke, this is Drew Brees, quarterback for the New Orleans Saints.

  • Just wanted Thio say I'm thinking about your buddy.

  • Keep fighting.

  • I'm hoping and praying for full recovery and can't wait to see you.

  • A saints game in the stands.

  • Look forward to seeing you soon.

  • I'm praying for you five years later.

  • It's a different life.

  • You know, our days consist of giving, like medications through come today.

  • Stretching him, taking him to physical therapy, speech therapy, occupational therapy.

  • Since the accident, Tim and Luke have visited Breeze and the saints.

  • Luke, What's up, buddy?

  • You're a great man.

  • Breeze has gone toe.

  • Love it to visit Luke at home.

  • Okay, James, Lady e came 11 to see.

  • And each season, Tim and Luke have kept the promise they made to each other before the accident.

  • Okay, You ready to see the saints today where you watch the saints?

  • Uh huh.

  • Let's do it, buddy.

  • Here we go.

  • Luke and I made a pact.

  • Every year, we're gonna go watch the saints play.

  • We went to seven or eight games and then in the last five years, you touched on this.

  • I know he's in there.

  • What do you mean?

  • Early on, we were told that there would be no Luke other than body that he was not going to be able to respond recently.

  • I said, Look, the thing to playing.

  • Do you think we're gonna win?

  • Move your tongue, Try to move his tongue?

  • I could have I could have lifted a car.

  • At that time, I couldn't believe what was really happening.

  • I can see a father's love for his son.

  • When I see Tim and Luke, it's the way that, you know, I look at my kids every time you know I see him or think about him.

  • We as a team love having them around because they represent all the right things for all that's changed.

  • Sundays are the same for a father, a son and their saints.

  • There's not a therapist or a doctor that's worked with Luke in the last five years.

  • That doesn't understand three importance of the New Orleans Saints.

  • Not only that, Drew Brees looks hero, I believe, has helped Luke improve.

  • Is Drew Brees.

  • Your hero?

  • Drew Brees is your hero, isn't he?

  • Yes, E c that time moving because you know he is, uh, is your hero.

  • Thanks for watching ESPN on YouTube for live streaming sports and premium content.

so many people have asked me why I am so obsessed with the Saints.

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A father, a son & their Saints: Luke Siegel's story has had an impact on Drew Brees | NFL Countdown

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