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  • the coronavirus pandemic has led to a rise in mental health problems among migrants stuck in camps in Greece.

  • That's according to a study by the International Rescue Committee, the IRC.

  • Some 15,000 people are currently stuck in overcrowded reception centers on Greek islands.

  • Squalid conditions here are made worse by lockdowns imposed because of the virus.

  • The IRC study found that additional restrictions and movement have worsened symptoms in a range of psychological disorders Among migrants.

  • Sweet, sweet With me now from Athens is Dimitra Calogero, Polo country director for the International Rescue Committee in Greece.

  • Dimitra, thanks for joining me.

  • You have been in and out of the camps.

  • Give us a better description of these places that officials still call reception centers.

  • Good morning, S O s.

  • Oh yes.

  • The reception centers off the reception centers.

  • Our our report focuses on the mental health conditions of the reception centers on the islands.

  • Our organization is working in Is implement is having a mental health program in three of those islands, seeing people from the reception center and having run this thing this program for more than two years now.

  • We decided it was time to issue a report in order to show what we are experiencing s oh, yes, The situation is indeed alarming.

  • On DWhite, what we see is a deterioration of the mental health situation.

  • Uh, that started with the covet Locked down in in spring and still continues.

  • So we should not forget that that there are stricter rules for the people residing in their section center that done for the for the general population, which circumstances are weighing the heaviest on the people stuck in those camps.

  • Sorry, Can you repeat again?

  • I didn't hear you very well.

  • What are the circumstances that are weighing heaviest on the people stuck in those camps and affecting their mental health?

  • Yes.

  • So So in addition to the very stressful condition off not knowing what will happen in the future and need to anyway, people being stuck in in very problematic situations with the cove it they're not.

  • They're even less able to get away from from those camps.

  • So and there is the additional the additional fear off the disease itself when there are very little chances off off hygiene and social distances, distancing, which is like the two main measures that we are all advised to take.

  • So in in camps where there are public sanitation facilities, long queues in order to get to get food and and so on eso all these two basic measures are very, very difficult to take s Oh yeah.

  • Didn't we track are Eljero Paolo of the IRC in Greece?

  • Thank you very much for your time.

  • Thank you.

the coronavirus pandemic has led to a rise in mental health problems among migrants stuck in camps in Greece.

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Dire conditions lead to mental health decline in Greek refugee camps | DW News

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