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  • four.

  • What fun?

  • That was fabulous.

  • Funny.

  • Are you too?

  • Okay, E t fantastic.

  • On alien.

  • I'm f What's your name?

  • A.

  • I'm gonna see what?

  • There was a photo.

  • You're looking a little bit more Read.

  • This'll is Fred.

  • He's my new friend.

  • A cup of tea.

  • Mr Free God, He Where are you from, Fred?

  • Yeah, Give it a pop.

  • Uh, what?

  • Little little blah.

  • I think he wants to go home, but he's trapped.

  • Uh huh.

  • I could fly Fred home.

  • It'll be fun.

  • Forward to the furthest frontiers of space there.

  • Too heavy.

  • Feeling a little off One day, little Red Riding Hood decided to visit her grandmother who lived on the other side of a deep dark Oh, moon moon, don't you think?

  • Would might be better?

  • Way like moon Justin from behind a tree out Jumped a big bad Oh, Whoa!

  • Oh, whoa, Wolf!

  • It's supposed to be wolf.

  • The wolf was called the big bad wolf because he was very big and very Oh, yeah.

  • Go on.

  • Good.

  • Excuse me.

  • So the big good wolf kept little red Riding Hood safe as they walked to her grandmother's oh, boat boot off course.

  • What else.

  • When the wolf saw grandma, he began toe lick his lips.

  • Yum, yum, yum Growled the wolf.

  • I'm very, very hungry.

  • But the wolf was a very good wolf and indeed a very good Oh, cook.

  • So he went into the kitchen and made them all lots of delicious Oh, food food on And they all lived happily ever after the end.

  • Yeah, yeah, yeah Did it Did the Yeah, yeah, yeah Did it?

  • Did it?

  • Did it back.

  • Did it?

  • Did it.

  • I'm doing a difficult drum solo.

  • Did it?

  • Did it?

  • The data Not disturbing you, am I, Detective Did not marry Dowd did.

  • Perhaps if you hit something, it would be louder.

  • Definitely duck for cover D's on drums dish appointing Don't despair d will delight you with a dazzling display off daring drumming.

  • Doubly disappointing.

  • What's the travel?

  • Don't have any drums deflated.

  • We'll soon sort that out Still Ah, shot.

  • I've sat down Now I just need some drums.

  • Let's do it.

  • Let's see.


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