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  • Yes.

  • Yeah!

  • Kona Ha!

  • The village hidden in the leaves is a land of phenomenal ninja.

  • From Naruto to soundscape to Kakashi.

  • We've seen them show up there.

  • Awesome talent on death metal before.

  • But one ninja students sought to prove that talent wasn't naturally born.

  • That talent could be achieved through nothing but hard work.

  • This is Rock Lee.

  • At First Bowl cuts path to being a ninja was anything but promising.

  • See, the best ninja can use all sorts of ninja magic called ninjutsu organs.

  • You too, but not rocking.

  • Essentially, Lee was born with a disability, unable to access the living chakra energies within his body the same way his peers could.

  • But while this certainly made things difficult for him, he continued to train, pushing himself to become a splendid ninja.

  • Too bad he got paired up with edgy, who might as well have the word prodigy stamped on his forehead.

  • Uh, hello, Irony.

  • With no real family to speak of, we had no one to guide him on his difficult path.

  • Fortunately, he found inspiration in the form of a fellow bull cut individual Might gay a man who is simultaneously incredibly cool and incredibly weird guy saw lease potential and trained him to master the art of Thai Jutsu.

  • A ninja's physical prowess using chakra body and mind.

  • So he's not gonna be shooting fireballs, air popping up clones of himself like the other guys.

  • But he's gonna learn how toe punch harder than anyone.

  • Actually, that's exactly the point of his martial art.

  • Strong fist style.

  • It's all about shattering bones.

  • Not just any ninja can master the form of strong fist in the hands of a novice.

  • It's a dangerous technique.

  • One wrong move, and you could accidentally break your own limbs but quickly got the hang of it and even learned some awesome moves like this killer of Zuna Drop on steroids, the primary Lotus technique so useful that many other ninja tried to copy it for themselves.

  • What a bunch of Jeter's also, when he consumes alcohol, least somehow becomes a master in drunken boxing, fighting toe to toe with opponents far beyond his usual skill level.

  • Oh, man.

  • Speaking of which, it's been a while since I've had a good drunken bar fight.

  • Well, I'm gonna go get tanked, invite some brand over an insignificant reason.

  • Sounds like fun.

  • I think I'll watch See you next week for the full episode of Sanji versus Rock.


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Rock Lee Kono-has the Skills for DEATH BATTLE!

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    林宜悉 posted on 2020/12/18
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