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  • According to Ramona, Shelburne and Adrian were Janowski.

  • James is still seeking a trade.

  • Sources tell them John Wall's arrival has left hardened, unmoved and uninterested in pursuing a new partnership, and the franchise star continues to push the Rockets for a deal.

  • So let's look at a recent timeline of the drama here.

  • December 1st.

  • Harden did not report to Rockets training camp.

  • Couple days later, he posted pictures of rapper Little Baby's birthday party, breaking the MBA's covert protocol by being without a mask, then happened to Las Vegas on the day the Rockets expected him to come in for his first workout on December 8th, Hardened finally did report to Rockets training camp.

  • He had to, of course, entered the covert protocol, so he was required to get sixth straight negative test.

  • Today, he's expected to finally clear that rejoined the team.

  • Here is coach Stephen Silas.

  • Today we talk basketball and you know I'm a basketball coach and he's a basketball player and we talked hoop today.

  • Eso as faras his commitment to what we're doing basketball wise.

  • He was right there, a Sfar, Aziz, the rumors and all the other stuff I can't speak to again.

  • That's another question that you don't have to have for him, as far as a distraction really hasn't been that much of a distraction.

  • I mean, it's been something that the media has been talking about quite a bit, and I've had to answer a lot of questions about but assed faras our growth and our kind of pushing forward this season.

  • We've kind of been right on pace and now adding him and and P J to the mix just makes it better.

  • So I see it as a positive.

  • So coach, we've been talking all week about Stephen Silas is professionalism here.

  • It is a lot for a first time coach to be juggling, but there's more ahead for him because ownership and the front office want James to be convinced to stay.

  • So was there anything coach Silas could do to help with that?

  • Well, I think he's handling it perfectly like he's keeping it about basketball.

  • He has nothing to do with contracts and all of that stuff.

  • So he's doing the right thing by by, you know, really presented to Giants how the team can really succeed.

  • The only thing I think that could keep James there is if he joins the team right now in plays with him, and he likes what's going on if he really, really likes the locker room, the coaching staff and the progression of where they're gonna end up otherwise, Damn, They offered him $103 million for two years, and that didn't convince him to stay over $50 million a year.

  • I mean, so if that doesn't do it, I don't know what other options they have left.

  • So, you know, hopefully the team could galvanize around them.

  • But ah, $103 million over two years.

  • If that don't move you, I don't know what will.

  • I don't blame James Harden for being in position he's in.

  • They got rid of my tan Tony.

  • They got rid of Daryl Morey.

  • They traded away Robert Covington, and all of a sudden this championship window that he was rebelling in for a couple of seasons seemingly has closed.

  • And now he wears that M V P Trophy that he won like an anvil around his neck because we know that for better, for worse in this league, it's about the ring and unless you are winning championships, all your individual accolades ring hollow.

  • And so certainly he must feel that pressure of we need to login legitimize what I've done so far individually with the championship.

  • And if I have a friend playing in Brooklyn and I see an easy window to protect, potentially join up on a team that could get me that ring.

  • There's desire there.

  • But now it comes down to if that's not gonna happen and the Rockets have dug their feet in.

  • You gotta be professional because you're getting paid quite handsomely to go play basketball and you are great at playing basketball and so report to camp.

  • It sounds like he at a good practice today.

  • And certainly kudos to Stephen Silas, because what a tough situation that he's put in as a first time head coach.

  • I'm sure it is a distraction.

  • He hasn't been able to implement what he wanted to dio in his first week of training camp as a head coach.

  • But Thio air out those grievances is not gonna help him in the long run should they be able to mend fences and have him and James Harden continuing their partnership together It really is tricky from a basketball standpoint, though, because one of the things that we all said coming into this training camp once we knew John Wall and DeMarcus cousins we're going to be there is Wow.

  • If James changes the way he plays, this could really work.

  • If John Wall is really healthy and James adjust well, now they're in the position.

  • He is finally coming into camp and practices with them, but they're trying to convince him to feel good about this team.

  • I don't know how much then Coach Silas could tell him, by the way, also completely change your style of play because I don't want this team built around you anymore.

  • And if you look at the other guys now, John Wall and DeMarcus cousins, the way they've been playing, they have looked good in preseason action.

  • While posted 13 points, nine assists, followed by 21 points, four assists, Boogie Cousins scored in double figures in both games.

  • So, Dave, how dangerous can this combo of former Kentucky stars be for the Rockets, especially once James is back in the mix?

  • Yeah, I think it's a positive that they have those two guys coming in that aren't just strangers to one another.

  • They have that pre existing relationship going back to even before they played a Kentucky together.

  • And, uh, certainly they both are trying Thio re collect that superstar status that they had not that long ago, but I don't That, to me creates an interesting dynamic because we've seen locker rooms with clicks like they have a natural report.

  • Yep, and the guy who has owned that locker room and owned that franchise, who has his face plastered on the side of the Toyota Center for the last several years, is now the outsider in a way, because he hasn't been there.

  • You know, it's kind of what have you done for me lately in this league?

  • And right now they are the Rockets playing and he is the outsider, so it's interesting dynamic.

  • I think basketball can work itself out sometimes if they have ah, couple good games together, and he recognizes that.

  • Hey, maybe this is something that I shouldn't overlook.

  • There's something here at the same time again.

  • It's not Kyrie and Kevin Durant.

  • It's not Joel Embiid and his old boss, Daryl Morey, and so I can see why Hey would be cold to jumping right into this new relationship.

  • Yeah, but I still Seymour talent than he's ever had on the team there right now.

  • And I think you know, because if Buddy Yeah, I think so.

  • When you look at the totality Boogie Cousins at a point in this league was one of the best.

  • Big right hands down.

  • He was 26 13 or whatever.

  • I mean, he was putting extreme numbers.

  • John Wall was one of the top point guards in this league.

  • And so when you add that to a James Harden and I don't think Coach Silas is asking him toe, hand over the whole team and have to adjust this whole game is some kind of way.

  • I think what he's gonna show him is this is how these guys can really help you and take the load off of you.

According to Ramona, Shelburne and Adrian were Janowski.

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