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Hi guys!
So I have been getting quite a lot of requests recently to do a everyday makeup routine/tutorial type video
So that is what this video is going to be.
I’m going to be showing you the makeup that I wear on the day-to-day basis.
This is the look.
I am wearing a little bit of a brighter lip than I might wear on a daytime basis.
But I attend to switch my lip color daily 

So this is just what I feel like wearing today
But the eyes and the base and everything are what I‘ve been loving wearing recently.
I'm really liking this little routine for summer as well.
Because it’s a bit lighter on the foundation front.
And everything also fits into this little makeup bag,umm, which is super cute.
I got it in New York cuz it says I’M HAVING AN AFFAIR WITH NEW YORK.
I do have a little bit of a thing as well about being able to fit a whole makeup look into your handbag-friendly makeup bag.
So I was like this. Maybe I’m weird.
If you like that as well please let me know down the comment section below.
But maybe I'm alone in the world on that.
Either way, I really hope you enjoy the video. And let’s get into it!
So to start I'm going to apply Estee Lauder Day Wear BB Cream.
And now I’ve never been really been sold on a western bb cream before until I try Estee Lauder ones.
I really really like them.
I've also tried the Double Wear one, which I really like, too.
But I think that’s probably better if you have oiler skin. This one is better if you have drier skin.
Either way, they're both great.
I love this one. It smells like cucumbers, too.
It’s quite a thick consistency.
Because, obviously, it’s a bb cream.
Blemish Balm, that’s what it stands for.
So you really have to massage into the skin.
And then I'm gonna go in with a highlighter.
This is the L'Oreal Dream Lumi Magique highlighter.
It’s very very similar to YSL’s touche éclat, but much much cheaper.
And I just applied this under my eyes in a kind of triangle shape.
And this just really helps to brighten the under-eye area.
I also added to other places on the face that would naturally catch lights.
So the bridge of my nose, my cupid’s bow and any other highpoints of my face.
I'm actually not going to use a concealer today,because my skin’s been pretty good recently.
I'm just going to use the foundation brush to blends the highlighter in.
This is actually my jemma kidd’s flat-top foundation brush.
I get a lot of questions about this cause I use this in videos all the time.
It is sadly discontinue now.
My one is so old but I’ve never found a brush as good.
Then I'm going with my Urban Decay Naked Flushed Palette.
And this is in a shade Native.
These are really really awesome because they have a bronzer, a highlighter, and a blusher all in one.
So if you want a all in one product that is great but also fantastic in traveling.
And I use the bronzer to contour as you can see.
I'm just applying it on the hollows of my cheeks, blending in, and on to my temples as well.
ummm...but they just have a really good selection of colors.
The bronzer is a really good one for contouring. And I really really like.
I've been using a lot recently.
And then I just used the same brush to apply a little bit of highlighter to the top of my cheekbone and also just catch my brow bone there as well.
And then using a different brush, I apply the blusher.
It’s quite a bright pink blusher but it’s kind of brightens up your complexion, that I really like it.
And then I just really like to set everything with a little bit of powder along my T zone.
I've been using the Benefit Hello Flawless Powder for quite a while now.
I have been using the little brush comes with it actually cause it’s quite good.
This is an amazing product to have in your handbag.
Because it comes with a brush, and a little sponge that you can actually build up coverage with it.
So it’s amazing for a touch-ups.
Then for my bows, I’ve been using Estee Lauder DoubleWear, double-ended eyebrow pencil, that has a color on one end to fill in your brows and it has a highlight on the other end...
...umm to add a little bit of the definition by umm going underneath your brows as well.
And I just find this is so so thin. It makes filling in your eyebrow really quick and easy and it last all day as well.
Then I use my MAC Brow Set, which looks really old and disgusting umm just to set my brows into place so they don't move throughout the day.
And then moving on to my eye, I have used this palette pretty much everyday since I got it two month ago.
It's the Too Faced Natural Eyes Palette.
And, I change what I do this everyday, but I honestly have been using it so much since I first got it.
Today I'm just mixing the two payless matte colors.
And just doing a quick wash of it all over the lids and up to the brow bone as well just to highlight there.
And then once I've done that I'm taking this color in the middle which is called Pushup.
This is my favorite color.
It’s kind of a metallic kind of bronzy smoky color.
And I'm just going to put this all over my eyelids and then up into the crease as well. And that’s all I’m gonna do.
I'm not doing any kind of contouring or anything like that. Just nice umm kind of mid-tone-shimmering-brown.
I think it looks really pretty for summer.
It’s like a really pretty bronze eye but it’s so simple and quick.
You don't need to fluff around, a lots of blending or anything.
And I'm also going to take a little bit of the darkest color which is called The Sexpresso. That’s the one thing I'm not sure about with this palette.
It’s the sexy names. Not a big fan of those.
But, anyway, I’m just use this to kind of blend in just right above my eye lashes.
Just to add a little bit of depth of it and I take a little bit of underneath as well.
Instead of using a kind of full-long eyeliner, I just think this really gives your eyes a bit of definition, and makes them look bigger as well.
After I’ve done that, I’m going in with my Rimmel Scandaleyes Eyeliner. And using an angle-brush, I’m just going to apply a little bit of this right on my lash line.
And then I'm also going to be using the same pencil brush I use before just to really blend that in.
So again a very smudgy kind of casual looking eye liner, nothing too intense but I really really like the effect that gives.
Then I’m going to curve my lashes. And then I’m going to go in with my favorite favorite mascara at the moment.
It’s from Tarte. It’s called Lights, Camera, Flashes.
It’s got cool packaging, too. And I’m going to apply couple of coats of this onto my lashes.
It is amazing. I’m like the kind of big dramatic lash look.
And then last but not least, my lips. I’m applying Revlon Colorstay Moisture Stain.
And this is in Barcelona Nights, which is quite a bright color. But the consistency of these glosses is absolutely amazing.
They're smooth and creamy and moisturizing but they're also really really easy to wear. And even though they're bright, they do shake it down quite a lot as well.
They also have the stain element. They are just so so nice.
You can’t get it in the UK at the moment. But I'm definitely going to picking some up next time I'm in the states cause I absolutely love this one that I have.
And that is the final look.
So that’s it for this video. I really hope you guys enjoy it and I hope you like the final look.
If you haven't already subscribed, then please please do. Or if you like this video it would mean the world if you give a big thumbs up.
And i will see you again very soon!
Bye guys!
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My Everyday Makeup - Summer 2014

82336 Folder Collection
Chrissy Lin published on July 10, 2014    Chrissy Lin translated
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