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  • What's up everyone it's your girl, superwoman!

  • 'Girls on period,' possibly the most requested video of all time right after 'take your top off'

  • Well, you're in luck!

  • I do not think so.

  • Now if this video is a tampon or pad commercial, it will go something like this

  • "It's that amazing time of the month again. When my soul and femininity is pouring out from in between my legs into a beautiful Lotus Tampon."

  • But I'm superwoman, and I keep it real. So allow me to say, there is blood constantly pouring out of us for 5 f-ing days!

  • It's like a game of God of War down there.

  • So fellas, let me teach you about girls on their periods, because most of you are clueless.

  • And I'm gonna try my best to make this as pleasant as possible for you.

  • But to be honest if you can't handle a little McNasty, then take your Mickey D and close the box.

  • If you're still here, congratulations! If not, typical, typical men.

  • What? Things got messy, things got hard, and you just went running to that X?

  • Story time! Once upon a time, a guy asked me if girls use bandages when on their period.

  • Yes! Yes, we do use bandages when on our period, but only SpongeBob bandages.

  • It makes sense, you know. He's a sponge.

  • Should I smack you? Or maybe the frigging bandage was made for Godzilla? Like, WT, do you use Ziploc bags as condoms?

  • What kind of question is that? Don't be stupid.

  • Girls either use tampons and pads, and for all you guys that go, pads, they're like diapers, haha.

  • Don't laugh. That's not funny, because they are.

  • Pads are uncomfortable, and they are irritating as F.

  • And just like a child in an Indian family, if they're not straight, they cause a mess.

  • Tampons are a little different.

  • If you're an Indian girl, you've been taught since birth not to use tampons, because apparently, tampons make you a slut.

  • Uh, hello, how dare you stick anything in that area? Don't you not reserve for a complete stranger on your arranged marriage wedding day?

  • DUH~ And yes this is no secret that when girls are on their period, they are emotional, roller coaster.

  • We're not stupid, we know this. Hormone are just all over this F-ing place.

  • And baby I promise, baby, I know it's frustrating, but believe me it's frustrating for us, too.

  • We cry for no reason sometimes, we get mad, we get sad, we get happy, we get glad.

  • Like I swear to you, emoticons, were created by women on their periods.

  • I mean who else would think of this many F-ed emotions? This right here, cramps. Want a chocolate bar. I'm so in love.

  • What's happening to me?

  • And we will never get used to our periods. I'm 23 years old and even till this day, I get shocked as F when I get my period.

  • I'm in some next level denial. Ohhh. Don't worry, don't worry, it's alright. I probably cut myself. I probably cut myself.

  • Yeah, don't worry. No, it's fine. I'm fine! It's fine! Nothing is wrong. Ok. Let's go swimming. Where's my wet pants?

  • It is exhausting every month. Carry pads and tampons everywhere you go.

  • Are you going on vacation? F, checking your work schedule, check your period schedule.

  • Cuz you better make sure you ain't bring your own ocean onto the cruise ship.

  • Cramps, chest pain, back pain, bloating, nausea.

  • It's like a Pepto Bismol commercial from hell.

  • Cramps. Back pain. Chest pain. Bloating. Nausea. And every emotion. It's so many.

  • So many emotions.

  • And water guns? Who needs water guns when you're on your period? Just stand still and sneeze. hachu..

  • And here's a fun fact, girl's period do not flow when they're in water.

  • And if you're a girl and for some reason you didn't know that. A, what the F. And B, grab a hose and like a lab coat. Experiment, girl friends.

  • So in the shower, we are fan-friggin-tastic. Hot shower, relaxation all upon the ovaries. Singing a song. Do a little dance.

  • But the second that water stops, let's just say that the reality show ain't got nothing on that amazing race.

  • The race to dry yourself and get a pad or tampon back on before your period start Niagara Fall-ing everywhere.

  • It is stressful. You need a game plan before you turn that water off.

  • Ok, turn that water off. Ok, towel, here we go. Arms, arms, face. Ok. There's no time for the back, no time.

  • Legs ok here we go. (che-ke-ke-ke-ke-ke-ke-ke) Ok, on.

  • You look at your white towel. It looks like the effing Japan flag.

  • Also know that it's ok for us to say we're crazy, but you, hi, you can never say that to us.

  • In fact, don't ever base any of our action or behavior on the assumption that we are on our period.

  • unless you physically see me opening a pad. Don't just assume because I'm angry, I'm on my period.

  • Because that issue is annoying, and tonight, when you're sleeping, I'll just assume you're dead and bury you in the backyard.

  • Lastly, at least once in your life, a girl will ask a guy to buy her pads or tampons from the store.

  • It is extremely attractive for that guy to agree and buy her a little pads and tampons, because it shows that you care about feminine needs.

  • And as much as you don't want to be seen in public buying pads and tampons, just think about it.

  • Her period only lasts 5-7 days. You still have the rest of the be on her good side.

  • And yeah, that's pretty much it. This is not me complaining that girls get their period, feel sorry for us, I'm not down for that.

  • but I'm just letting you know, yeah, we get crazy, we get delusional, and we are emotional roller coaster. Can't you just accept it and move on?

  • Sor-ry?

  • And hey if you like this video, I make video every Monday and Thursday. Make sure you click that subscribe button, and rate, comment, and click the link in the description to share this video,

  • because, hey, sharing, what's up, that's my answer, that's my justification, sharing, what's up. Subscribe, what's up?

  • And hope you have a beautiful day because you're beautiful. And I love you so much. Muhauh, muhauh, from my heart and my soul.

  • Hope you have a wonderful day, afternoon, evening, morning, whatever, what else. One love, superwoman, that's a rap period.

What's up everyone it's your girl, superwoman!

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Girls On Their Periods.

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