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  • G.

  • My momma made her appearance on TV yesterday during NFL Live, and all I could think about when be a said I could do.

  • Any damn thing I want to is that I would have got my teeth kicked in if I told that to my mama.

  • And that's what's been happening to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers at time this year when they felt like they could do any damn thing that they wanted to.

  • B.

  • A is all his Rocco.

  • With this one, this team has to continue to get better.

  • They need to continue to figure out who they are, because when in the game against the Minnesota Vikings, who gave up a few points, ain't throughout where you need to be talking about.

  • We can do any damn thing we want to do.

  • If you look at everything this year, B A.

  • You ain't been able to do do everything you should be able to do.

  • So listen, that's the worst thing to tell your parents.

  • And that's the worst thing for a kid to tell their parents when they about to get their teeth kicked in.

  • Okay, as a point well taken now, now, Jeff I want to bring you in here because u I feel like you're sort of the resident.

  • Be a you know, a friend on this program you played for him.

  • I know how much you like him.

  • But when he said that my immediate reaction yesterday to that sound bite was, what game did he watch?

  • I don't I don't know what game he was watching that he came away feeling that way.

  • Eso Jeff, you interpret?

  • What is Bruce Arians talking about?

  • My man Ba is high, man.

  • Come on.

  • Sure.

  • Sure what my man was looking at either.

  • I mean, let's be honest, that defense six sacks, 12 q b hits or whatever it waas and damn Bailey carry that offense to the wind, man.

  • So whatever thing we can Dio, I'm not sure what we're doing.

  • We went into the bye week with more questions and answers.

  • We didn't solve any of them were still inconsistent.

  • Yeah, I'm not sure what man being look, I love him, but that was I'm not sure what he was watching either.

  • Green.

  • Dan Graziano.

  • You were watching that game.

  • That was It was hold on.

  • One second was grasses game let me just get a sense from you because sometimes you hear six seconds of what a coach says, and it isn't fully representative of the tone that he had after the game.

  • How about in this case?

  • No, it was representative.

  • That's what he was trying to do.

  • I was thinking, didn't watch the game twice and think they scored 52 instead of 26.

  • Because, look, I mean, I was thinking about parents and kids like like, uh, swag, who was right like it's like a kid brings back a math test.

  • It's a B minus, and the parents are going nuts like, Hey, there's nothing wrong with a B minus, but you're not gonna hang it on the refrigerator.

  • I mean, there's work to do there.

  • They gave up 70 rushing yards to Dalvin Cook in the first quarter, and the whole game is different.

  • If Dan Bailey could make a kick, so I don't know, Look, maybe he's being putting a brave public face on it and then behind the scenes, he's telling them what they need to do to get better.

  • But they need to do some stuff to get better.

  • Their middle of the pack on offense ran for 106 yards in that game.

  • They got work to do before I consider them a team that could win three straight playoff games.

  • Go ahead, Marcus G.

  • The how he on that?

  • Yeah, is one of the two.

  • That's all E that was That was raised yesterday.

  • But Jeff, let me come back to you quickly because you have been one who has been following that team so closely this year.

  • And there are so many parallels with Brady at this stage of his career.

  • I think to Peyton Manning, whom you played with for so long.

  • Did you see things in that offense that make you say, a month from now they're going to be great?

  • I'll tell you, I thought some things to make them better.

  • They protected Brady better this week than they had in the past.

  • I think that is gonna be critical for them to go anywhere in the playoffs.

  • Green.

  • When you talk about this offense, I know they want the whole, you know, no, risk it No biscuit.

  • Well, that requires protection.

  • I thought they did a much better job of protecting Brady and I think that will help him find comfort in this offense.

  • But no, I didn't see anything in me that just said, Oh, this team is on, you know, on the ascension now, because of the way they played again against the Minnesota Vikings with a kicker who had a heuristic.

  • Just a horrible day and historically bad day in the NFL.

  • Just a tough way to see that going.

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