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  • even though he wanted to do a lot of president.

  • He died of pneumonia after only 32 days.

  • So we can all learn from William Henry Harrison toe wear our coats and wash our hands.

  • So we have better immune systems.

  • E Good job, Annie.

  • Okay, Annie beat your turn.

  • You share this time.

  • I don't wanna keep anyone for vacation.

  • Just get up here.

  • Where's your essay?

  • Up here.

  • And it's more of a performance piece.

  • Here we go.

  • My president is Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

  • He was elected in 1932 when almost everyone was poor.

  • So pretty much just like now.

  • But without the Internet, everyone except the front row you be the poor people.

  • You are hungry and mad, so growl and stomp your feet.

  • Where?

  • Gaga?

  • That that from around the news.

  • You're the red people laughing class like you're better than everybody.

  • Ha ha ha ha.

  • On a FDR didn't like it that everyone was poor, so he gave them all jobs.

  • He called it a new deal.

  • Work hard on you.

  • Good rich.

  • So when I catch you, you're rich.

  • He had him a bill rolled on, got paid cut down trees and got paid.

  • May be easy to buy a house, go to college.

  • So the whole country was happy.

  • But don't worry, people.

  • You're still better than everyone Because you get in, Richard.

  • Good job and have a good vacation, everyone.

even though he wanted to do a lot of president.

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