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  • Meanwhile, Jay James Harden practice with the Rockets yesterday, and coach Stephen Silas says he will make his preseason debut tonight.

  • What the first year head coach wasn't able to answer were questions about whether Harden so wants to be traded from Houston.

  • Reports continued to swirl, of course, that he does.

  • Hey, missed their first two preseason games going through co vid protocols.

  • Whoa!

  • Tests, Um, answers, though this morning on Get up.

  • He's made it clear as he's come in had his first practice yesterday that the arrival of John Wall on however John Wall looked, or how Boogie Cousins has looked in the preseason preseason so far is not impacting his thinking.

  • He wants to trade Brooklyn.

  • Philadelphia are still the two teams he would most like to go.

  • Thio and the Rockets continue toe work on trying to see if there's a way, um, that they could get maximum value for a player they consider one of the best five in the league, and they certainly aren't going to just give away.

  • Well, last time I checked, they only have one basketball in Brooklyn.

  • I don't know how that would play out.

  • They'll be very interesting as Tim MacMahon joins us now, we're only seven days away, Tim, from the start of the season.

  • But obviously the Rockets aren't in any rush.

  • They have James Harden locked up for at least two more years, so they could really sit back and take the best deal.

  • What are they looking for?

  • Well, the Rockets have been very firm on what they would consider a fair offer.

  • They want a young franchise corner, storm cornerstone and a bundle of either first round picks and or young talent.

  • And again, like you said, they will not be rushed.

  • They feel like they can be patient with the two years remaining on his contract.

  • They've been firm on that price, and and they're not backing off of it.

  • I mean, he's one of the best players in the n B.

  • A.

  • With standard reason.

  • If they're gonna lose Harden, they're going to do something to help establish their future there as they embark on a new chapter just eight days away from their opener.

  • And it took a while for hard to even communicate with his new head coach.

  • What's the nature of that relationship right now?

  • Strictly business and Stephen Silas, the first year head coach has no interest in trying to recruit James Harden, are discussing.

  • You know, As he put it, the rumors hardens.

  • Desire to leave Houston Silas just wants to talk basketball strategy.

  • They really did that for the first time yesterday, before hardened practice with Rockets.

  • Silas called it a good conversation, but again, this is X's and O's and the rest of the stuff.

  • The trade situation.

  • That's for the Rockets front office to figure out Stephen Silence has his hands full with a rush training camp, trying to get this team ready to play.

  • Well, that was my next question for you because you know this team so well.

  • So, you know, there's barely I mean, we're going to start this season and about a week or so barely a preseason Harden hasn't been in the fold.

  • Their working new players in.

  • Can you just give us a sense of what kind of position this is putting the franchise in right now?

  • Well, certainly long term.

  • They know they have to get a good return if and when they trade James Harden, or it will be a long, painful rebuild in terms of immediately with a week to go in the preseason before this training or before the regular season starts.

  • Stephen Silas has a tough job.

  • He didn't have James Harden early on.

  • He didn't have P J.

  • Tucker.

  • Christian Would.

  • Has been nursing an elbow injury.

  • He's not been available.

  • But look, as Stephen Silas said, borrowing from his his father, the MBA is not always a better roses.

  • He's had a lot of thorns early on.

  • Yeah, it is great that he has his dad to lean on one of the greats, Paul Silas.

  • So I guess you know there's that positive.

  • The Rockets do have media availability scheduled for later this hour, so we don't know whether James will be speaking.

  • If he does, we'll bring it to you here on SportsCenter.

  • Tim, thanks so much.

  • Thanks for watching ESPN on YouTube for live streaming sports and premium content.

Meanwhile, Jay James Harden practice with the Rockets yesterday, and coach Stephen Silas says he will make his preseason debut tonight.

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James Harden still wants a trade from the Rockets despite the addition of John Wall | SportsCenter

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