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HoM 97: When will My Life Change
Hi, this is Jack again.
I've spoken previously, in the interview before this one regarding the starting point –
If you haven’t watched that one and you’re watching this one now, I suggest you first watch
the one that is referred to as ‘the starting point’.
Now, you’re applying yourself in changing your starting point
realising that all your previous starting points have currently manifested your world
in which you are experiencing yourself now
first, let’s go there
Your previous starting points, who you are now
and how you are experiencing yourself now inyour world
is because of the past.
Human beings are currently experiencing their past.
How does that work?
You have a thought,
that thought you speak.
That thought – as you speak that
thought – it takes a while first for that actual thought to manifest in your world.
In other words, when you experience that thought,
you’re actually experiencing the past
because your thought was the starting point.
That is how your world works,
that is how everything has always worked.
We are currently in a construct of the past.
Consciousnes s existence is past- based,
because it’s always been thoughts spoken and then manifested.
So, that manifestation is the past that’s been experienced.
Now, you say:
“I have changed my starting point as me,
why is my world not changing?”
[For] the following reason:
we’re in a construct,
we’re in a consciousness existence –
that is the moment that I’d refer to
‘[you] are IN consciousness’, but ‘you are NOT OF consciousness’.
In other words,
your world won’t change when you change, immediately.
It doesn’t work like that.
You’re still in this consciousness existence, along with the rest of humanity,
and also the dimensional beings –
and everyone, including you,
is still experiencing your past.
In other words,
existence as past is still playing out.
Now :
“I am changed, my world is not changing”,
simple reason is: because
your world is still of the past
and you are going to have to
walk through the past with you still as who you are as your changed starting point,
until it is done.
But you know, it’s interesting,
what you’ll find is that you won’t know when that point
specifically was, when your world actually started changing,
according to how you changed you as who you are as life as all as one,
because there is never a ‘point’.
It’s interesting.
I’ve experienced that in my process as well, I am not able to say to you or relay a specific point
where I changed or where I am able to speak what I am, understand what I am.
I am able to show you my entire process,
as many of the dimensional beings are that have realised
themselves in certain, many aspects.
And this point, specifically, regarding the starting point, I just understood right now,
Because what I’ve been doing is the same thing.
I’ve changed, but then what I’ve done, is:
things from the past started coming, coming, the whole time –
and then I wondered: “But, why the fuck,
why is this still coming at me? I mean I’ve changed!
Why are these still existing?”
And then I went into it, I went back into the past,
back into this construct.
Then I was in the construct and of the construct again –
then I had to go through, what is called, a ‘timeloop’ –
where I had to realise again:
“But, I have changed.”
It is in my honesty in every moment of me,
Where I say: “I’ve changed, this is the past that is here,
I have to walk through it as me, as the starting point”.
Not to go into it again,
because – if I go into it again, I fall.
I fall from the perspective that:
I, again, define myself according to the past,
I am stuck in the past –
and then I have to go through a timeloop.
And the timeloop is where you actually have to experience the past again,
to get to the same point, inevitably, again,
which is: “I am here, though what I am in is currently the past,
so I have to walk through this and face the past in every moment that is me.”
So, that is where my process is starting now as well –
same thing.
So, human beings,
when you’ve changed, when you’ve really…
“I’m changed,”
your starting point, you: clear – and you see your world, walk through it.
But, be careful:
don’t make the same mistake I did,
[which] is to,
when a past thought comes
or past experience happens again –
for instance,
another ‘relationship person’ comes, another being comes in your world
and you’re able to start that relationship, but you’re looking back and you realise:
I’ve been here before. Then you have to look:
Why am I here again? Why is this relationship being shown to me again?
Then you have to look at all your past experiences of relationships and you realise:
“Shit, I’ve seen where all my past relationships have gone,
not going there” – you close that door – and then you walk.
Otherwise, if you go into that relationship again,
you know what you’re going to experience,because of all your past relationships.
Then you have to go through that relationship and at the end realise:
“Oh, fuck, I’ve seen what I’ve done” – and then you have to start all over again.
That’s how past stuff starts coming in.
So, from now on,
as you work with your starting point,
realise and observe your world.
[For] every single point that occurs, you look back:
Have I been here before? If you’ve been here before
and you know where that play - out is going to go because of your past experience,
you close that door, don’t go there.
Close all doors
that leave openings for you to be lost within this construct again, to be in it and of it,
because, otherwise, you are going to have to be in it and of it again and experience it,
which is the long process, which is called timeloops,
and it’s going to take longer.
But you’ll inevitably get to the same place again,
whether you do it in an immediate action
or through a process of months, or days, or weeks,
dependent on the experience.
So, that’s why, human beings,
don’t give up on yourself.
In other words,
if you know you’ve changed,
stand in that trust as you,
that honesty of you in every single moment
and walk.
No matter what happens, you walk;
you stand as that starting point of you, because:
who is here,but you?
If you catch yourself again going into the construct:
stop –
because that is going to cause a time loop.
[You] don’t want to go there, because that is a long way.
That’s where we’ve been, that’s where I’ve been,
timelooping the whole time – because,
I know I’ve changed,
but I went back into the past the whole time, because
it seemed like nothing wanted to work –
and then I thought something is wrong with me.
Problem –
when I think something is wrong with me, I go and look for the mistake I’ve made -
and then I send myself into a timeloop
of a very long time –
months, days, weeks,
dependent on the point.
Then only at the end, I go:
“Jack, man, what have you done?
Where is your trust? Where is your honesty?
You’ve done this, why are you doing this again?”
So, that is what I just realized –
and it’s interesting.
So – human beings,
it will take a while, as you can see,
look at the world –
but where’s your honesty, your trust? [It] is in who you are as that starting point that is you.
So, we will get everyone ‘awake’ from that perspective,
but we’ll all still have to walk through the past that we created, that’s still playing out.
Remember, this consciousness existence is the past playing out still,
so it’s like you standing here, in your world of the past,
revolving around you
and you just walk, walk, walk, walk,walk –
until it just disappears.
That moment, you don’t know when.
Thank you very much.
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人類歷史97 - 我的人生什麼時候才會改變!?

2068 Folder Collection
Hhart Budha published on June 10, 2014
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