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  • Here's how to take a screenshot in Windows 10.

  • In this video, we'll cover how to take a screenshot in windows, using a quick and easy method.

  • A method with more precision and a method made for gaming used a clickable sections below to skip to a specific method.

  • The simplest way to take a screenshot of windows is with the print screen.

  • Key Prince screen has a few key variations.

  • First, if you simply press the print screen key, you'll copy the whole screens.

  • Here.

  • Clipboard open an application like word or paint on pace to see the image.

  • If you hold Ault and print screen, you'll copy the active window.

  • Paste it into another program to view that capture.

  • Holding down the windows button with print screen will capture the full screen, but as an image file without copy and pasting, go to pictures and screenshots to find that file.

  • Yeah, for a bit more control and keyboard free screen shotting, you can use the Snipping Tool program in the Start menu.

  • Search for snipping tool in the program.

  • Click on the mode Drop down.

  • You can set it to allow a custom shape, snip a rectangle, snip Ah, window capture or a full screen capture.

  • Choose a mode, then click new.

  • The screen will freeze and your mouse can now be used to select what to capture.

  • Alternatively, if you want the freeze frame toe happen after making a certain mouse movement, use the delay dropped down to specify a time.

  • For example, by setting it to five seconds, we can hover our mouse over an item to reveal its tool tip text.

  • Once you have your screenshot, you can add annotations with the drawing tool.

  • To save the file, go to file, save as or use control s then choose the location.

  • A newer iteration of the snipping tool available now is called Snipping Sketch and carries over the functions in a more simplified interface, pulled down windows shift in the S key.

  • This will din the screen, and the menu bar will appear on top.

  • Use the menu on top to do a free form window or full screen capture.

  • If you're looking to grab Screenshots while playing a game, you can use the game bar function.

  • Launch a game from the Start menu or the Xbox App to confirm game bars running.

  • Hold the Windows and G keys in the game bar overlay will appear.

  • Click the camera icon in the bar to take a screenshot or use this shortcut windows Ault print screen while in game to see your saved images, go to videos and then captures, yeah.

Here's how to take a screenshot in Windows 10.

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