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  • (Joker laughs)

  • [Murray Franklin] So...

  • So as I know you're a comedian.

  • Have you been working on any new material?

  • You want to tell us a joke?

  • (The audience claps, egging Joker on to tell a joke.)

  • [Joker] Yeah?

  • (Joker laughs)

  • *Come on!*

  • Okay.

  • (Joker looks over at Murray -- his laughing fit finally subsiding -- and reaches into his jacket pocket and--)

  • (The audience laughs. Joker pulls out his worn notebook. )

  • [Murray Franklin] He's got a book.

  • A book... of jokes.

  • (Joker looks through it to find a new joke.)

  • *I just hope my death makes more cents than my life.*

  • Take it time, we've got all night.

  • (The audience laughs.)

  • [Joker] Oh, okay okay.

  • Here's one.

  • - Knock knock. -

  • [Murray Franklin] And you had to look that up?

  • (Audience laughs and claps)

  • [Joker] I want to get it right.

  • - Knock knock. -

  • [Murray Franklin] Who's there?

  • [Joker] - It's the police, ma'am. -

  • - Your son has been hit by a drunk driver. -

  • - He's dead. -

  • (Joker laughs while the audience groans after the joke)

  • (Don Ellis plays "wha-wha-wha-whuuuuh" on his trumpet from the band stand.)

  • [Dr. Sally Friedman] Ahhhh! No, no, no.

  • No, you can not joke about that!

  • [Murray Franklin] Yeah, that's not funny, Arthur.

  • That's not the kind of humor we do on this show.

  • [Joker] Okay.

  • I'm so...

  • Yeah, I'm sorry.

  • It's just you know...

  • It's been a rough few weeks Murray.

  • (Joker laughs)

  • Ever since I...

(Joker laughs)

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You wanna tell us a joke? | Joker [UltraHD, HDR]

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    Summer posted on 2020/12/16
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