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  • [Music]

  • - We got this.

  • - Yeah, we got this.

  • [Alarm]

  • - You know, I never really thought that our communication was awful.

  • - But he uses no emojis whatsoever. - ... I was wondering if you would like to purchase...

  • - ... a solo ... - And so how am I supposed to tell that you--

  • - Okay [Both] Three, two, one...

  • [Office phone ringing]

  • [Message received]

  • - Hi!

  • - Hey, how are you? You look so pretty by the way.

  • - Oh my gosh! Thank you!

  • - Where you are looks gorgeous.

  • - Yeah, it's ... so amazing here.

  • [Agony crying]

  • - Oops, sorry about that.

  • [Agony continues]

  • [Uncomfortable energy]

  • [Phone ringing]

  • [Phone ringing]

  • [Phone vibrating]

  • - Like hours on in. I have like-- - No, no. It's not, it's like--

  • - Yeah, but--

  • - You did it again.

  • - I told you multiple times... - No...

  • [Cheering] [Phone vibrating]

  • [Phone vibrating]

  • [Party horn] [Phone vibrating]

  • [Phone vibrating]

  • [Party dying] [Phone vibrating]

  • Thank you so much again to Chromebook for sponsoring this video.

  • I used it all throughout production from shot listing, storyboarding, and dealing with so many schedules.

  • Plus, I love using that stylus to just draw on everyone's photo.

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  • I'm Anna Akana. Bye.

Thank you to Chromebook for sponsoring this video.

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