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  • quick question now that we're chatting with one another.

  • Yeah.

  • Do you like hot food?

  • Do I like hell?

  • Yes.

  • I like hot food.

  • Me, too.

  • And when my food is hot, you know what I like.

  • I like it to stay hot.

  • Conan, are you saying that we have a new sponsor with the product that addresses this very issue?

  • Just in time for the holidays?

  • Andy, that's exactly what I'm saying.

  • Hey, what does it say?

  • Uh, I'm just thinking about this morning.

  • It happened again.

  • What?

  • Well, I'm sitting down to eat my flapjacks.

  • Oh, God damn it!

  • And I got distracted, so I have to abandon my stack of pancakes to answer the goddamn door.

  • And what do you think I returned to after that?

  • Oh, hello Goddamn ups.

  • Guy makes my blood boil.

  • All right, calm down.

  • Maybe Santa will bring you something to fix this terrible problem.

  • Like what?

  • Merry Christmas flat, Jackie.

  • Introducing the flap, Jackie, The first ever down ski jackets specifically designed to fit over a stack of flapjacks to keep them warm.

  • No Good.

  • Help pancakes.

  • Oh, I'll get it.

  • Of course you will.

  • Flat Jackie flapjack warming jacket with syrup picking interior because cold flapjacks are a fate worse than death.

  • Oh, hi, Mob.

  • Yeah, I'm just eating some pancakes that are probably still warm.

quick question now that we're chatting with one another.

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Keep Your Flapjacks Warm With Flapjacky - CONAN on TBS

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