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  • Hey, guys! One of the things you've always asked me is what it's like to actually make a video. So, today

  • I'd love to walk you through the process of

  • how I'm artistically creative from the beginning to the end. So, I wake up at about 9:30, feed my cats

  • And frantically go through my journal trying to figure out what the day's video is going to be. At 10 a.m,

  • Cat, my makeup artist arrives

  • and I'm still trying to figure out exactly what the video is going to be.

  • I usually don't have anything written until I'm sitting in the makeup chair probably at 10:30, 10:45,

  • with the crew arriving at 11 a.m.

  • Usually, right on the dot of their arrival is when I will print the script and

  • frantically highlight things to figure out exactly where in my home we're shooting each section.

  • The crew is great.

  • Hey, my name is Erik. This is my baby, C. I'm the DoP here on Anna's videos. I am very meticulous.

  • I like to have things very precise.

  • (Fuck it.) I will not stop till the shot is absolutely perfect. I'm very demanding of my crew.

  • [Meghan: How's this, Erik?] Fuck it, it's fine. Eh... Fuck it.

  • Hi, I'm Kat. I do makeup for Anna's videos.

  • It's a pretty fun gig.

  • I mean, it's a lot of work cause you're always touching up, and, you know, sometimes

  • I wish I had more down time to sit and just hang out.

  • She's a little lazy, you know,

  • um -- kind of exactly like a cat, actually -- so, I really quite like it. She lounges around and hangs out with the cats.

  • I have a back massager that she's frequently using between takes. I normally have to be like, "Hey, Cat,

  • like, I need your lipstick touch-up" or something, and then she'll finally come in after a minute.

  • (I'm good.) Hi, I'm John. I, uh,

  • I help on set as a sound grip, which... isn't... actually a position,

  • but, I don't say anything. They- they're very accommodating to feed me as much as I want, so it's not bad gig.

  • He can eat a lot. For a while, I thought he was actually like a Kobayashi in disguise;

  • he was just kind of doing this on the side for fun.

  • But it turns out that he just has an insane stomach or tapeworm problem or something.

  • I have told him he should probably get it checked. He's dating Melissa. Hi. My name is Melissa and

  • I have a lot of fun at these shoots.

  • I especially have fun working with John.

  • I really like the other girls. They-they talk a lot.

  • And I think we get along pretty well. Hi, my name is Reed. I do some producing for Anna.

  • I really just try to be helpful as much as possible on set and I think the person that appreciates it the most is probably

  • John.

  • So what do you think about Reed?

  • [Reed: Lunch is here.] Okay, that's lunch. Everyone, break.

  • He always brings us lunch. So, we have our own little call.

  • When we- when we want food. It's mostly like, "REED! REED!"

  • It's usually, like, a bunch of us. Like, Cat and I was like right. It's like,


  • So that's how we kind of like... Like a baby bird kind of calling for its mother out of the nest.

  • Hey, everyone! So, I'm Meghan.

  • I'm, uh, part of the crew on Anna's videos.

  • How do you like working with Meghan?

  • Um... I think you mean "Melissa". I don't think we have a Megan on the set. Who?

  • Who?

  • Well, uh, I guess I enjoy working with myself, cause... I'm Meghan?

  • What do you think about Meghan?

  • Meghan is...

  • You know, they say, "Keep your enemies close"?

  • (intense staring)

  • We go through an entire day,

  • film a bunch of stuff throughout the house and.

  • At the end of it, Eric will take the footage and go edit it

  • then send it to

  • lovely Bethany Radloff who adds the graphics and then, it gets to you usually about a week or so after we film. I

  • wish that the process was not this way. You think it's a joke. But, for real, this is how we we shoot this shit.

  • I'm Anna Akana. Bye!

  • Aaaand... Action.

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  • Cool. Cut.

Hey, guys! One of the things you've always asked me is what it's like to actually make a video. So, today

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