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  • Hey everyone! Today we have a great lesson for  you where Emma Watson interviews the incredibly  

  • inspiring Malala Yousafzai. Now if you don't knowMalala is a human rights activist especially for  

  • girls and women's education now this is because  when she was younger she was banned from attending  

  • school and so ever since she has fought for  equality and also for quality education for  

  • everyone not only this but at age 17 she was also  the youngest recipient of the nobel peace prize  

  • so get ready to learn a lot with both  Emma 2atson and Malala in this lesson  

  • and in case you're new here we help you to  learn fast English every week without getting  

  • lost without missing the jokes and without  subtitles just like this fan who says he's  

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  • where you can learn all about  her pronunciation and accent  

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Hey everyone! Today we have a great lesson for  you where Emma Watson interviews the incredibly  

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