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  • I wanted to go up the Nung River to the heart of darkness in Cambodia.

  • I wanted to ride out into a desert on camel back, sand and dunes in every direction.

  • Eat whole roasted lamb with my fingers.

  • I wanted to kick snow off my boots in a Mafia nightclub in Russia.

  • I wanted to play with automatic weapons in Pelham Pen.

  • Recapture the past in a small oyster village in France.

  • Step into 100 neon lit full Korea in rural Mexico.

  • E wanted to run roadblocks in the middle of the night, blowing past angry militia with a handful off hurled marble packs.

  • Experience, fear, excitement.

  • Wonder I wanted kicks.

  • A kind of melodramatic thrills and chills I yearned for since childhood kind of adventure I'd found as a little boy in the pages of my Tintin comic books.

  • E wanted to see the world, and I wanted the world to be just like the movies.

  • Yeah, that's what Anthony Bourdain said, Just like the movies.

  • Yeah, but you know what?

  • To me, the world is not like the movies.

  • The movies aren't really they don't exist, but you dio and life.

  • This life is it's better than any movie.

  • There is movies they're supposed to provoke emotion.

  • They're supposed to make you feel something.

  • E have a better idea.

  • Go out into the world and actually feel it.

  • Go feel joy and love and triumph and rapture and ecstasy and glory.

  • Go feel those things, you know, with those feelings.

  • Yeah, there will be other feelings as well.

  • There'll be sorrow and pain and sadness and desolation and suffering.

  • It will be all those feelings, too.

  • But you know what?

  • That's okay.

  • That's okay.

  • Take both sides.

  • Feel all that.

  • That's what life is.

  • Those feelings, those emotions, those highs and those lows.

  • Those are life.

  • It's OK because when you know the darkness, the light becomes even brighter.

  • Yeah, the oh, so go out there, Move toward the light.

  • Move toward the light E mostly pretty nice people doing the best they can, often under very, very difficult conditions.

  • But I think that on balance, the world is filled with people doing the best they can, You know who love their kids and you know, would like Thio, you know, put on a clean shirt every morning and live their lives a little dignity and have access to food and water.

  • E hope Uh, just like everybody else.

  • Japanese have a word you again on They describe you again as watching wild geese fly on Be hidden in the clouds Aziz watching a ship vanished behind the distant island as wandering on and on in a great forest with no thought of return Haven't you done this?

  • Haven't you gone on a walk with no particular purpose in mind?

  • Carry a stick with you Occasionally hit it Old stumps wander along with Sometimes we live dumps It's at that moment that you are a perfectly rational human being You've learned purposeless nous along Music is purposeless thes music Getting somewhere three aim of music world for the symphony were to get to the final bar Best conductor would be the one who got there Faster dancing When you dance Do you aim to arrive at a particular place on the floor?

I wanted to go up the Nung River to the heart of darkness in Cambodia.

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YOUR LIFE IS NOT A MOVIE (may change the way you think)

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